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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Secret Truth About The Wheel of Life, 2012, Health, Wealth and Happiness

How to handle Negative Thought HabitsHave you noticed the things you got handled you keep handling?
That's because your belief is congruent so your pattern of thought and your expectations keep perpetuating the same things. The Law of Attraction, which is the fundamental creative law of the universe, says that the frequency you are emitting is constantly being matched by other [...]Separation Has Begun~Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, the separation has begun.
Gaia has entered the 8th segment of transformation; she is now in the point of no return.
Division has started at third-dimensional level, and the groups of frequencies present in your plane of existence are being regrouped.
From now on, you will be seeing many signs of division [...]In 2010 expect the unexpected~EmmanuelQuestion: I’ve received many emails from readers asking why haven’t you addressed the 2012 issue yet?
Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, we of the Higher Realms are in great joy witnessing the new Gaia being born. This is the first time a whole planet attempt to duplicate itself into a higher plane of existence in [...]Surrender, What Does It Mean To You?When someone mentions the word "Surrender", what does that mean to you? 
We commonly mistake surrender for giving up. Unfortunately there is a fine line between obsessive control and determination or between surrendering and giving up.
Imagine hanging onto a small branch on the side of a cliff. You would hold on as tightly as possible to [...]Steps to find your way Back HomeAlmost everyone feels dissatisfied with his or her life, but almost no one understands the real reasons why.
And so it goes: For most men and women — in spite of their best intentions, and sincere efforts, very little ever changes: except that is for the type of the dissatisfaction experienced, or what's being blamed for [...]How to Change Your LifeThink for a moment… Are there areas of your life that you're dying to change…
Or you're afraid of trying to change aspects of your life because you just MIGHT make things worse… Or you're worried about what friends or family will THINK?
You know the things I'm talking about…

Your [...]Struggle equals ScarcityBreakthroughs do not happen when we are stressed. They happen when we finally let go and stop struggling.
Resisting is at the heart of struggle. Although what we are resisting feels like it is "out there" the resistance is really inside of us. That is, if you are resisting anything you are really resisting yourself.
When [...]Music for a New Earth"It seems that the time has come, particularly during this period of grief, at the beginning of a new millennium, to defend our common cultural heritage, peace around the world, and the bond between all races against the effort to separate it by a mere few.
I found this music while watching a video and the [...]Stay the Course !I welcome back Adrial, a celestial of this universe. You will look back on 2010 as a year of great change. Do not believe the media reports that everything is returning to normal, that the economy is recovering, or that that people are satisfied with their conditions. Beneath the surface much turmoil exists. We who [...]The Time for Doing Things Alone is OVER: The Reunion has Begun!The energies are flowing quite intensely for all of you right now. 
Normally these energy waves come in for shorter bursts of time, but these are more sustained.  More and more of you are capable of handling these longer “downloads” of energy and as such all of you are experiencing more intense energies.  Unlike schools which [...]

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