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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Davis Doctor G

Glenn Davis Doctor G (Glenn Scott Davis)

Superyacht Charter
From Azzam to Zembra.

I am verified as setting a World Record for Most Haters.


                Glenn and Maria Davis

My Life Is Devoted To
My Wife and making sure they are going to Jail.

I am Famous
So now what? Oh yes, That's right.

Without Fear.

The Most Beautiful Place and Time

The most beautiful place is wherever you are and the most beautiful time is being with you. 

Fortune 500
It's Official! Weighing in at just over 35 hours and 500 Songs, Fortune 500 is now the Longest Album in the world. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who made this possible.

Cranky Grumpy World

My wife and I have noticed the world seems to be getting crankier and grumpier. We avoid the grumpers at all costs!

How To Change The World

  • Stop wasting your time

  • Avoid posting quotes, or other works that someone else authored

  • Wake Up

I Remember

I remember the way the MGM Grand Hotel used to be and enjoyed playing the Drums on this.


I Set Trends
I do not follow them.

Life and Business
Life is the most serious game. Good luck everyone and everybody!

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