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Saturday, July 20, 2013

CRM 2011 – CRM Command Line Utility | Hosk's Dynamic CRM 2011 Blog

CRM 2011 – CRM Command Line Utility | Hosk's Dynamic CRM 2011 Blog
This blog is all about The Hosk and Microsoft CRM Dynamics (by Hosk)

What’s the Deal With Display: Inline-Block? | Design Shack
Reading an article entitled What’s the Deal With Display: Inline-Block? on Design Shack.

Automatic Image Montage with jQuery | Codrops
Arranging images in a montage like fashion can be a challenging task when considering certain constraints, like the window size when using fullscreen, the right image number to fill all the available space or also the size of the images in use. With the following script you can automatically create a montage, either for a liquid container or a fixed size container (including fullscreen), with the option to fill all the gaps.

Import gmail contacts using Google data API | Techipost
Import gmail contacts using Google data API

Google API – Get contact list | HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials at Script Tutorials
Our new article: Google API - Get contact list. You are welcome to read it.

Office 2013 & Dynamics CRM on the Surface Pro
Learn more about how to set up Office 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the Surface Pro, including how to set up CRM for the Outlook client.

IFD for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - YouTube
This video covers the end-to-end process for configuring IFD which includes: 1. Installing AD FS 2.0 2. Configuring the AD FS 2.0 federation server 3. Managi...

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Claims-based Authentication - YouTube
This is an updated video demonstrating how-to configure the RTM CRM 2011 deployment with Claims based authentication and IFD access. The recording utilizing ...

How to Create Bookmarklets | Nettuts+
Bookmarkets can be defined as mini applications masquerading as tiny snippets of JavaScript awesomeness that reside in your browser and provide additional

How To Make a Bookmarklet For Your Web Application | BetterExplained
Browser buttons (bookmarklets) are shortcuts that act like a simple browser plugin. Their advantages include: * *Fast installation*: Just add a link to your

How to run exe file from JavaScript on click of a button

Sometimes we need to execute an exe file from JavaScript on click of a button. This might be unsafe depending on situation but if you really need you can do this as following.

For this you will need to use ActiveXObject, ActiveXObject is used to instantiate Automation objects.

But ActiveXObject are only supported in Internet Explorer, therefore this script will work only in Internet Explorer.

Put all references within CRM2011 Plugin (1 DLL) | Ryan on Rails
Put all references within CRM2011 Plugin (1 DLL)

Associate/Disassociate Message for Dynamics CRM 2011 Plug-ins

If you are a Dynamics CRM 2011 developer, you may have had issues when attempting to register plug-ins on the associate and/or disassociate message via the Plugin Registration Tool. This wasn’t a problem in Dynamics CRM 4.0, so why do many websites and blogs tell me that the associate and disassociate messages are no longer available in Dynamics CRM 2011? We recently had a request to set the Name field of a custom entity based on Contacts which were associated with a record of that entity. The relationship between the custom entity and the Contact entity is N:N (many-to-many), so the associate and disassociate messages are required to set up this functionality via a plug-in. As we would normally do, we’d write the plug-in, fire up the Plugin Registration Tool and attempt to register our step on the associate message. However, we receive the following error: This error doesn’t make ...

CRM 2011 - Link two grids on a form | MSCRM Blogger
This JScript links a CRM 2011 grid on a form to another grid on the same form, so that the subgrid when a different row is selected on the parent grid.

Customer Effective Blog
If you are like me, you love JavaScript and use it frequently. One thing I’ve been missing is the ability to execute Fetch statements against the 2011 Organization service through JavaScript. With this basic FetchUtil JavaScript library, now you can...

Customer Effective Blog
Last time we looked at how to execute a FetchXML query against the CRM service within JavaScript. Now that we have the response, I wanted to write something to parse the XML and store it in an easily consumable variable....

How Many Members Can You Add to a Marketing List in CRM 2011? - Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM - ClickDimensions Blog
In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, there is a limit of 50,000 records for any aggregate query. You may have bumped into this default limitation when viewing a chart on a list view or dashboard when the query behind the chart would normally return more than 50,000 records: What you may...

Dialog: How to call using JScript CRM 2011
1. We need to find out the ID of the Dialog. This could be attained in 2 ways. a. Search with Dialog name in Customizations.xml ...

Look-up: Getting and Setting Look-up Values in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
function GetLookupValue(){ //Get a lookup value var myLookUpItem =Xrm.Page.getAttribute( acme_conference ).getValue()[0].id; } function setLookupValue(){ //Set a lookup value var value = new Array(); value[0] = ...

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