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Saturday, March 13, 2010

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Enabling Enterprise-Class Business Continuity for Less
This paper describes how IT organizations can use Citrix XenServer and Citrix Essentials for XenServer to:
  • Protect IT assets from a broad range of outages and failures.
  • Establish automated and prioritized plans for system recovery.
  • Affordably extend these capabilities to a much greater portion of the IT infrastructure.
Learn more about this simple yet powerful business continuity solution that any organization can implement easily and cost effectively. Download the white paper now!

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More Data Doesn't Always Mean More Cost
Today's IT budgets are shrinking, but data center demands continue to skyrocket. To keep pace with increasing demands, analysts recommend adopting a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage enterprise storage. This white paper will teach you:
  • Ways to maximize the life of your equipment
  • How to deliver equivalent storage performance with fewer drives
  • Tips for slashing server costs

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Gartner Report: Storage Efficiency Puts SSD on the Map
Most IT departments have SSD on their technology roadmap. However, automated intelligence and block-level storage architectures can mean the difference between a long drive and a short trip for your SSD implementation. This analysis by Gartner will show you:
  • New ways to make greater use of SSD in your environment
  • How automated tiered storage improves SSD efficiency
  • Gartner's top recommendations for SSD users
Written by: Gartner

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Three Must Haves for the Virtual Data Center
To take full advantage of server virtualization, and create a true virtual data center, IT departments need the support of a holistic storage solution that allows fully shared resources, complete data protection and automated storage classification and migration. This white paper will demonstrate:
  • Ways snapshot technology can reduce testing and eliminate backup windows
  • How you can stop rationing storage to your applications
  • Tips for optimizing management of multiple storage classes

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Five Ways to Lower SAN Administration to Three Hours a Week
To take full advantage of server virtualization, and create a true virtual data center, IT departments need the support of a holistic storage solution that allows fully shared resources, complete data protection and automated storage classification and migration. This demonstration will reveal:
  • Ways to expand storage capacity in less than a minute
  • Tools to automate storage tiering, management
  • How to establish remote replication in six clicks

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Transforming Business Continuity with Virtualized Servers and Storage
While most organizations recognize the importance of business continuity, their ability to provide high availability and disaster recovery for key applications in a physical environment is often constrained by cost and complexity. This solution brief will recommend:
  • How to eliminate planned downtime due to maintenance
  • Ways to eliminate the need for identical hardware or specialized software at remote locations
  • Tips for cutting costs while improving availability

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Military & Aerospace Electronics
Military & Aerospace Electronics editorial covers topics such as Navigation/Guidance, Avionics, Missile Systems, Communication Systems, Electronic Warfare, Simulation/ Training Systems, Unmanned Vehicles, Nanotechnology, Biometrics, Homeland Security, Shipboard Electronics, Reconnaissance Equipment and other relevant topics to military professionals in organizations such as the Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, FAA, CIA, FBI, NSA, Defense Contractors, Prime Contractors, Subcontractors/ Integrators, Electronics Manufacturers, Defense Systems Vendors, and R&D, among others.

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Water & Wastewater International
Water & Wastewater International provides practical knowledge and insight that saves time and money for water system operators, wastewater engineers and other professionals in the water and wastewater industry worldwide. Addressing the ever-changing demands of the water and wastewater industry requires up-to-date information on market trends, major projects, and problem-solving technology. Their subscribers count on Water & Wastewater International for all the news, analysis and information they need to succeed in this complex and competitive arena. Monthly editorial topics include: drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, filtration, disinfection, membrane systems, biosolids and sludge treatment, water reuse, pipe maintenance and repairs, trenchless technology, meter reading, valves, pumps, stormwater management, odor control, computers and automation technology, corrosion control, desalination, and other topics related to public works.

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La Guia Esencial para AIX y IBM i(i5/OS) de Recuperacion de Desastres
La presente guía le ayudará a garantizar la continuidad y la preservación de sus negocios orientándole a través de tres pasos fundamentales, desde la comprensión de los conceptos de recuperación de desastres y disponibilidad de la información hasta el cálculo de las consecuencias para el negocio del tiempo de inactividad.

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True Thin Provisioning
This three-minute product demo will illustrate ways this Fluid Data technology will:
  • Eliminate wasted storage capacity
  • Utilize fewer and less expensive drives
  • Provision more storage than you buy

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Fluid Data Storage Drives Flexibility in the Data Center
Despite the need to increase efficiencies and cut costs in the data center, IT directors continue to find themselves forced to coerce rigid, proprietary storage systems to address core business needs. Learn how Fluid Data storage enables data to be actively, intelligently managed at the most granular level for unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. This paper will cover:
  • How to use data center resources to their full potential
  • Ways to scale storage alongside your business without artificial limits or downtime
  • Tools that increase data availability and automated storage administration

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E-Mail Essentials
Email and e-commerce veteran, Sherry Chiger, offers benchmark metrics, close analysis and real-life case studies of email marketing that measures up.

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Direct Listline
The primary source of information for brokers, managers, postal & email marketers to stay up to date on lists & data new to the market, targeted new selects and demographics, lists under new management and news impacting the business.

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Rental Product News
RPN also provides insight on how leaders in the equipment rental field are getting the best return from their assets through better equipment selection, application, maintenance and safety techniques.

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Powered by the leading media brands in photonics – Laser Focus World, Industrial Laser Solutions, Lightwave, BioOptics World, Vision Systems Design, LEDs, Cabling Installation & Maintenance, and Military & Aerospace Electronics, among others -- OptoIQ will help you research answers to your design questions as well as stay abreast of the latest product introductions, R&D advances, and application trends.

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Join F5 & VMware for a breakfast seminar in a city near you and your chance to win a Netbook!*
Learn best practices on how to:
  • Enable long distance VMotion without downtime or user disruption
  • Improve VM host density by 60%
  • Integrate F5 and vSphere for complete VM automated provisioning
  • Deliver virtualized applications globally across multiple data centers
8:30 a.m. Attendee check-in & continental breakfast
8:45 a.m. Virtualization challenges & how F5 can help
9:00 a.m. How to virtualize mission-critical applications
9:45 a.m. Introduction of BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE) Trial
10:00 a.m. Demo of F5 live app migration between clouds

Participate in a city near you
April 6 - Dallas, TX
April 20 - Chicago, IL
April 22 - Minneapolis, MN
August 4 - Miami, FL
August 5 - Charlotte, NC
August 11 - New York, NY
August 12 - Toronto, ON

Advanced registration is required and seating is limited.

*Must be present to win.

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Learn how to choose the best VoIP Phone system for your business and save up to 80% on your bill
Register now to download's FREE Business VoIP white paper "The Introductory Guide To Business VoIP Phone Service" as well as receiving free customized, no obligation, Business VoIP quotes and see how VoIP would benefit your business.
  • Find out what Business VoIP Service is and all the benefits it brings.
  • Understand what your options are for Business VoIP service - Hosted VoIP service or an IP PBX?
  • Learn about the great features you get with Business VoIP service.
Find out why so many small and medium sized businesses are moving to Business VoIP Phone Service.

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Bloor Research White Paper: Loading and Analyzing Web Data
The demand for online analytics has expanded far beyond clickstream data to encompass activities like gaming, social networking and mobile commerce. As a result, companies ranging from online retailers to mobile service providers need to manage a greater volume and more diverse array of information than ever before. This Bloor Research white paper discusses:
  • Different use cases with needs to analyze web-based information
  • Technical considerations for loading and analyzing web data
  • How open source solutions from Infobright and Talend enable fast integration and analysis of multiple sources of web and mobile data

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Be a Call Center Super Hero!
Every Call Center has its "enemies" like costly solution upgrades, ineffective tools, and staffing inefficiencies, which test your Call Center's profitability. This eBook explains how to take down these "bad guys" by:
  • Knowing your "enemies"
  • Learning what's at stake
  • Realizing your super power
  • Using secret weapons
Register for this FREE eBook to develop a plan for your Call Center to transition from an old school system to a higher-end cloud based system to save your company money.

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Premise to Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions
A million dollars is a lot of money for anyone. Suppose you could save that much over five years and improve your Call Center's operations at the same time?

Register for this on-demand webinar and see how management at 211 San Diego transitioned from a premise-to-cloud based call center. From their first-hand experience they discuss their initial concerns, their decision to transition, easy implementation and the positive results they achieved.

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Long Time, No See: How to Keep Work At-Home Agents Connected
In this on-demand webinar, join Michele Rowan of Customer Contact Strategies as she reveals how she led the Hilton@Home program to success, growing it from 200 to 1,000 agents in 18 months.

Register for this FREE on-demand webinar to learn:
  • Why adapt your company culture for an at-home program
  • How and when to train at-home agents
  • At-home supervisor tips for success

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The Exploding Consumer Market for Insurance Online Free with your Agent Account Registration (A live representative will contact you to complete the activation process)
They offer top quality insurance leads to producers looking to grow their business. Your account will allow you access to all the lead type, filter, geographic, and pricing options All Web Leads has to offer.

The All Web Leads Difference:
  • Search-Generated Leads
  • Custom-Targeted Filters
  • No Minimums or Commitments
  • Free Phone Support
  • 24/7 Account Access
  • Real-Time Delivery
Create an account today to receive your complimentary report and an All Web Leads representative will contact you to help finalize the account registration. It only takes a few minutes!

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Effectively Manage I-9 Employment Eligibility In The Face Of Changing Legislation
This white paper helps you understand your organization's responsibilities, as well as the procedural and security considerations you need to keep in mind, and provides best practices guidelines to ensure that your I-9 procedures and systems are effective and comprehensive.

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2009 Employment Screening Practices Benchmarking Report
This Benchmarking Report provides professionals involved in workforce screening with relevant information they can use to compare their screening programs and practices with more than 1,400 peers.

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Self-Service: Putting Customers First Makes You a Winner
Enterprises are looking for ways to cut costs. Self-service applications are a proven method for achieving this essential corporate goal. A well executed self-service strategy that prioritizes customer needs can enhance the customer experience and speed problem resolution and order placement while reducing costs.

In this White Paper, you will learn:
  • Business and Call Center Trends Driving Automation
  • Finding the Right Balance between Self-Service and Live Agent Support
  • The Benefits of Self-Service
  • Determining What to Automate via Self-Service
Written by: DMG Consulting LLC
Sponsored by: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Service Benchmarking and Measurement: Using Metrics to Drive Customer Satisfaction and Profits
The ability to measure, monitor, assess, and track KPIs is critical to any organization's ability to manage its service operations. Some may use only the most basic, or standard, service KPIs, while others have developed more sophisticated metrics to hone in on the most critical areas reflecting service performance.

This report is outlined in the following 3 Chapters:
  • Chapter One: Benchmarking the Best-in-Class
  • Chapter Two: Benchmarking Requirements for Success
  • Chapter Three: Required Actions

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The Empowered Customer: Productivity Enhancements in a Digital Era
Although most companies believe that they deliver good customer service, many admit that they do not adequately leverage their customer relationships to gain the insights needed to personalise their value propositions.

Gathering intelligence from multiple sources such as social media, customer service centres and online support, and then transforming that intelligence into productivity improvements are vital steps in transforming customer service in the digital age.

Written by: Economist Intelligence Unit
Sponsored by: Microsoft

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BlogNotions Affiliates Newsletter: Monthly eNewsletter Featuring Blogs from Industry Experts
BlogNotions' Affiliates Newsletter delivers a diverse series of perspectives provided by affiliate marketing thought leaders, and delivers compelling updates on topics ranging from best practices for monetizing your online presence to list building to affiliate network reviews. This newsletter not only provides thought provoking content, but also is accompanied by an open forum for savvy affiliates to collaborate with experts in the industry.

Don't miss this valuable newsletter, subscribe today!

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Designed to Protect and Save Lives
Many companies make significant investments in flame resistant protective clothing programs to protect their employees against electric arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash hazards. Although the style and construction of the clothing plays a roll in protection, the FR fabric used to construct the garment is a critical factor in determining the amount of protection it will afford the wearer. Register for this FREE white paper to find out what to consider when specifying a brand of FR fabric for a protective clothing program.

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O+F Advisor
The O+F Advisor covers the entire fulfillment process from the moment an order is entered to its delivery at the customer's doorstep.

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Promo P&I
Provides brand and product managers, as well as sales, marketing and HR execs with new ideas and keeps them up-to-date on premium and incentive programs.

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Promo Xtra
It offers fast-paced, up-to-date accounts of the latest campaigns, product launches, brand extensions, legal developments and highlights from key industry events.

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When Safety Matters: Key Factors to consider When Selecting Flame Resistant Protective Clothing
This white paper will address flame resistant cotton and cotton-blend fabrics and identify some important factors that should be considered when specifying a brand of FR fabric for a protective clothing program for your company.

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Chief Marketer
Chief Marketer symbolizes the new imperative in marketing—to connect multiple disciplines in the service of selling, sustaining and growing your position in the market. Their mission is to seek out the best of marketing intelligence, and then absorb, summarize, and organize it for easy access and a quick read online and now in print for busy marketing executives who rely upon their objective stories and balanced, unbiased content to make informed business decisions.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online FREE 30-day Trial
Once you are contacted by a sales representative from Microsoft, and your information has been verified to be accurate, you will receive a token that will allow you access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online FREE 30-day trial.

During the next 30 days, you will experience Microsoft's solution via their Online option. You may hear references to Online specifically in their videos, however, the experience and functionality are essentially the same as their On-Premise or Partner Hosted solution.

Toward the end of your trial, you will be notified by email of your option to continue to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by enrolling in a 12-month subscription. All data and previously stored data will roll over into your subscription. If you do not convert your trial to a subscription, your user access and your data will no longer be available at the end of your trial period.

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Increase Sales Productivity by Creating a Connected and Collaborative Sales Force Free Webcast
In this webcast, you learn how creating a connected, collaborative sales team can help you:
  • Increase close rates by simplifying team collaboration on complex deals.
  • Accelerate sales cycles by enabling anytime, anywhere access to people and information.
  • Improve sales effectiveness by minimizing information silos.
  • Improve sales efficiency by reducing the time needed to find and share customer and competitive knowledge.
  • Increase revenue growth by retaining high-performing sales people.

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Customer Relationship Management: Secrets to CRM Success
Find out how you can convert your pains into profit. Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses lead and opportunity management, incident management and a searchable knowledgebase. CRM also makes use of reporting tools for accurate forecasting, measurement of business activity, and employee performance. This webcast is your key to learning the secrets of Microsoft Dynamics CRM success.

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Best Buy Supports New Line of Business and World-Class Sales Force
Saddled with a home-grown business-management tool originally designed for Best Buy's retail business, the growing business unit sought a solution that would support its extensive outside sales force and would provide a commercial CRM solution it could sell to business customers. Best Buy for Business found both in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. It rolled out Microsoft Dynamics CRM to more than 150 consultants in the field and has plans to extend this to its entire team of consultants. Today, the company has a robust solution that supports its complex sales cycle and integrates easily with the business tools employees use every day.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Sports Organizations
To alleviate manual processes and gain insight into sales, the club deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM and turned to Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner First Tech Direct for its implementation and integration expertise. Now, when a sales representative creates a sales order in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the order includes all relevant customer information and automatically creates an invoice in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Today, the club also uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to offer personalized services and tailor marketing and promotions to the needs of fans.

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of adaptable, easy-to-use ERP and CRM applications that enable business decision-makers to run their business efficiently and drive business success. Delivered through a network of channel partners providing specialized services, these integrated, adaptable business management solutions work like and with familiar Microsoft software to streamline processes across an entire business.

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Sales and Marketing: The New Power Couple a Peppers & Rogers White Paper
Through insight from thought leader Don Peppers will highlight key elements, including strategy, process, applications, and enabling technologies for bringing sales and marketing closer together. And, they will propose a closed-loop framework for sales and marketing to achieve a collaborative, unified and holistic approach. The result: seamless communication and tracking to produce the most valuable customer relationships.

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