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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Birthday Wishes Pour in for Bentley

Birthday Wishes Pour in for Bentley
Ebola survivor Nina Pham celebrated Bentley the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's second birthday Thursday.

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"Polar vortex" weather conditions might but be taking over the country, but these winter-loving breeds probably don't mind.

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The animal lovers in your life will surely appreciate calendars, jewelry, chocolate and more that benefit animal groups.

Hamster Has Tiny Thanksgiving Meal
A tiny hamster and his tiny dinner guests enjoy a tiny Thanksgiving dinner while wearing tiny pilgrim hats.

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In the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, your dog or cat will probably sneak his fair share of leftovers.

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From deliciously rich holiday fare to enticingly shiny decorations, the season brings plenty of risky temptations for pets.

This Sweetheart Knows She's Royal
The playful Shih Tzu will love to be your lap dog and prized canine companion, even if you're not a Chinese emperor.

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