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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Yahoo Acquires Photo Startup Cooliris

Yahoo Acquires Photo Startup Cooliris
cooliris yahoo Photo app-maker Cooliris just announced that it has been acquired by Yahoo. The company was founded in 2006 and was initially known for creating a “3D wall” for navigating photos and other media content. More recently, its focus shifted to an app (also called Cooliris) that allowed users to browse photos from across services like Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. It also launched… Read More

DataFox Brings Private Company Analysis And One-Pagers To Mobile
datafox (2 of 3) DataFox, the online research platform that allows anyone to track information about private tech companies, has now brought its service to mobile in the form of a new iOS application. The free app provides DataFox subscribers with access to over 500,000 company one-pager’s, private and public lists, and an events stream detailing recent news on companies tracked, like new hires,… Read More

Ears-On With Spotify In Uber: Fast, Fun, And Data-Free DJing If Drivers Have It
IMG_6158 Uber now lets you play backseat DJ for your car’s sound system via Spotify in 10 cities. On my demo ride-along, I was impressed by how easy and seamless it works, as long as the driver is equipped. Music selections made on your phone quickly start playing through the driver’s app connected to the stereo, and there’s no data cost to the passenger or driver beyond the… Read More

Photo-Sharing App Memoir Snags $5.5 Million To Help You Recall The Past
memoir Photo-sharing application Memoir, a Timehop competitor that allows you to rediscover old photo “memories,” has raised an additional $5.5 million in a round led by Redpoint Ventures’ Ryan Sarver. Others participating included prior investors Founder Collective, Box Group, Lerer Ventures and Thrive Capital. The company had previously raised $1.2 million in seed funding.… Read More

Livefyre Studio Puts The Company’s Focus On User Generated Content And Social Media Curation
livefyre studio At this point, I should probably stop calling Livefyre a commenting platform.
Actually, the company has been expanding beyond comments for a while. It launched its StreamHub product, which included more social media widgets, back in 2012. And it acquired social media curation startup Storify last year. Read More

A New App Called Milk Helps You Save On Groceries, Without Clipping Paper Coupons
healthy-groceries-1 The creators of coupon-code finder Honey, which helps online shoppers save at checkout, have now launched a new app called Milk (mmm…milk and honey…) that lets you save at the grocery store. The app is now one of many aimed at helping consumers save on consumer packaged good purchases, even if they don’t have time for clipping coupons from a newspaper. Today, there a lot of… Read More

MovieGlu Brings TV Guide-Style Listings To Movie Showtimes
Screenshot - US - Homepage There’s no shortage of places to go online to search for local movie showtimes to get your cinema fix. But, arguably, when it comes to the way search results are displayed, the majority of sites and apps appear to take their UI inspiration from newspaper movie listings of yesteryear, employing a simple list view. Or so says U.K. startup MovieGlu. Read More

Aereo Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
aereo-legal-shutterstock_140860981 Aereo, the streaming TV service that let users watch near-live TV on any internet-connected device, has today announced that the company is filing for Chapter 11 reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. The company has appointed Lawton Bloom, from Argus, to serve as Chief Restructuring Officer during the gradual shut down process. This comes on the… Read More

VideoBlocks Launches New Stock Video Marketplace Where All The Money Goes To Contributors
film projector Stock video company VideoBlocks is expanding beyond its subscription business model with the launch of a new marketplace for contributed content.
The company has already built a library of 115,000 video clips, backgrounds, and effects, which it either created itself or licensed from others. Customers can use any of the content in that library for a subscription fee of $79 a month or $99 a year. Read More

Social Betting App Youbetme Raises $2.7M
youbetme Youbetme, the startup behind the social betting app of the same name, announced today that it has raised $2.7 million in Series A funding.
Youbetme says it launched the app in January. The company bills itself as a way to “bet on anything, at any time,” either through its iOS app or it’s website. To be clear, it doesn’t support real-money betting, but rather tracking… Read More

How Limited Edition Scarves Fit Into Ryan Leslie’s Plans To Take His Music Straight To Fans
Ryan Leslie In the recent debates about how the business model for musicians and other creative artists is changing, one of the commonly repeated ideas is that you no longer have to reach a mass audience in order to make money — instead, you just need a small group of devoted fans. Musician Ryan Leslie told me he’s been pursuing that idea since he left his label Universal in 2010 —… Read More

FastPay Raises $15M More To Improve Digital Media Cashflow
Jed Simon FastPay, a startup offering credit to digital media companies, is announcing that it has raised $15 million in additional equity funding.
That description might not sound particularly sexy, but FastPay seems to be tackling a common problem for companies that serve as middlemen between online publishers and advertisers (such as ad agencies, demand side platforms, supply side platforms, ad… Read More

NightOwl Launches So You Can Get Drunker Better Faster Stronger
Screenshot 2014-11-20 14.05.18 There’s nothing better than finding that special bar. The one that has your favorite scotch, or makes a mean margarita, or plays the perfect music. Finding that special bar, on the other hand, can be a real pain in the ass.
That’s why NightOwl is launching in NYC. The app works almost exactly like Foursquare, but with an exclusive focus on nightlife, including bars and clubs and… Read More

Blippy Returns With A Brand-New GIF Keyboard For iOS 8
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.57.26 PM Ready for another GIF keyboard for iOS 8? Blippy has returned today with a new app that lets you create, save and discover new GIFs to use when messaging with your friends on your iPhone. The app serves to replace the earlier, also GIF-focused, Blippy iOS app, that was pulled from the App Store back in September. Those with long Internet memories may remember the name Blippy as being… Read More

TheLadders Revamps iPhone App To Focus On Job Referrals, Unveils Job Market Guide
Ladders_Feed_full What good is a job search site or app when you’re not looking for a job? That’s the issue TheLadders is tackling with the launch of a new version of its iOS app and a new feature that it calls the Job Market Guide. CEO Alex Douzet told me that these are the first steps in a new direction for the company, which was founded in 2003. TheLadders was initially aimed at people looking… Read More

Kaufmann Mercantile Luxury E-Commerce Platform Lands $3.2 Million In Funding
Screenshot 2014-11-20 12.37.36 Today Kaufmann Mercantile has announced the close of a $3.2 million Series A funding round led by 14W, with participation by Dave Morin, Justin Shaffer, and Slow Ventures, among others.
Kaufmann Mercantile is an online retailer that focuses on the curation of luxury, high-quality products. You could think of it a bit like, but with a focus on luxury products as opposed to funky design. Read More

With, Schedule Meetings Without Long Email Threads
photo-1416339442236-8ceb164046f8 Scheduling a meeting usually takes a few emails. Add a third person, and you are now stuck in an email nightmare. French startup knows this too well, and will let you schedule meetings in a few clicks right in your browser. “I’ve worked for 4 years in big companies and small startups — from the smallest to the biggest company, you always have this problem when it comes… Read More

Eric Schmidt’s Farm2050 Collective Will Back Agriculture Tech To Feed Earth’s Growing Population
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.27.51 AM We’ll need to produce 70% more food by 2050 to sustain a world population expected to grow to 10 billion. Yet agriculture startups struggle to get the funding, manufacturing, and test facilities needed to build tech that could boost food production. To fix that disconnect, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Flextronics Lab IX today launched Farm2050, a… Read More

Jaunt VR Releases Its First Content With App That Puts You On Stage With Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney Jaunt wants to give you something to watch on makeshift virtual reality headsets like Google Cardboard, Dodocase, and Mirage. So today the 360-degree camera and VR production software maker launches its free Android app featuring the first of many planned VR content releases: on-stage and front row views of Paul McCartney playing “Live And Let Die” at San Francisco’s… Read More

Senator Al Franken Asks Uber’s CEO Tough Questions On User Privacy
uberrush2 Senator Al Franken, Chairman of the Subcommittee On Privacy, Technology, and the Law, has posted a public letter to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick in which he addresses many of the claims made over the past few days that the company has consistently compromised user privacy as a matter of course. “I am especially troubled because there appears to be evidence of practices inconsistent with… Read More

Source: Yahoo Acquires Photo Startup Cooliris

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