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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Valerie St. John Blog

Angels Come Home!ABC has announced a pilot order for a modern-day small screen version of the late 70's Smash Hit franchise, Charlie's Angels.

My Comment: Oh, HAPPY DAY! I could not be more thrilled with this great news...First, I absolutely love late 70's and early 80's television - Chips, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Dynasty and Charlie's Angels my all-time favorite.

Further, television of the era can largely be defined by the late and great Aaron Spelling - one of the most prolific television producers of all time....Of all time! I mentioned to Tori the day after her father had passed, that her father was my inspiration for my career path into this business.

It is also reported that Leonard Goldberg (The original producer) is also involved in the revival, as well as Drew Barrymore (Hi Drew!). In addition, Drew is simultaneously beginning pre-production on another installment of the big screen version of Charlie's Angels.

With such high caliber professionals on the job, I have high expectations...Now, let's find our way back to heaven.

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