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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog entries

Smart welcomes Terry Hewes into its team

Smart Financial Planning is proud to announce the appointment of Manchester Metropolitan graduate Terry Hewes to the new position of Financial Planning administrator. Terry will join us on 1 March to provide support and assistance to the clients of Smart Financial Planning as well as becoming part of Steve's Client Team. Terry will be sitting the Certificate in Financial Planning exams during 2010 with the option to move into a Paraplanning role in 2011.

SRead More...Performance Related Fees are not Smart

Investment news' Jeff Benjamin published his view that in future Financial Planning firms will be encouraged by their clients to charge fees commensurate with the investment performance that they achieve.

I feel that this entirely misses the point of a Financial Planning firm. Financial planning is about aligning clients assets and goals and work on getting from one to the otheRead More...Well, I didn't expect that to happen!

On Tuesday I wrote a letter to the Association of Independent Financial Advisers, on Tuesday afternoon Professional Adviser, an industry magazine, decided to do a story on it 

By Wednesday night 30+ people have strongly disagreed with eveything i have said and have me lined up as the new bogeyman! I have never been more proud. My letter was intended to move the IFA industry forwarRead More...Association of Independent Financial Advisers - Thanks but no thanks

Open letter to Chris Cummings, Director General of the Association of Independent Financial Advisers (AIFA), Thank you for your letter dated 5th February 2010 following my attendance at the New Model Adviser conference in January. 

I will not however be taking up your kind offer to join AIFA as I feel that your organisation in no way represents the highly qualified, fee based, Financial Planning profession to which I belong. For as long as AIFA continues to promote the intereRead More...Save Tax - Invest for success

Good morning and welcome to the 15th of February Smart TV review of the weekend papers.

A couple of things this week, it looks increasing likely that the VAT rate is going to be increased to 20% over the next election. This is not a great surprise, the increase from 17.5 to 20% is expected to generate something between 20-30 billion pounds of additional revenue, and it has historically been seen to be easy revenue to take, because it is only revenue when people actually choose to sRead More...The Smart Financial Planning Blog

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