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Friday, February 26, 2010

Forex Currency Trading Secrets

If I Am Based In The Us, But Open A Forex Account In The Uk Do I Have To Pay Uk Taxes?I’m based in the US and already have an US based FX account. Due to silly NFA rules and regulations I am thinking about opening a UK Forex account but am worried about potential taxes I would have to pay. Do I have to pay US and UK taxes if I have a UK based [...]Is Anyone Here Trading Forex For A Living?Can the little guy actually make enough from forex to pay rent, bills etc.?
I cannot get normal job since I got sick, and don’t want to be on welfare for my life.
What Is The Tax Rate For A Forex Market?What is the tax rate for a forex market?
About a year ago, I invested couple thousands of dollars in forex market. I have more lose than gain. Overall, I’ve gained around $7000.00 (my loss is higher than this value). My question is what would the tax rate for this capital gain be for this kind [...]What Is A Realistic Result From A Month Of Forex Trading With A Real Company?If I was to put in $1000 into a forex trading company, what is the realistic result I would get from that in one month period?
Forex Avenger – I Heard About Forex Avenger A Lot Is It That Good?Forex Avenger – I heard about Forex Avenger a lot is it good? It seems Forex avenger is giving a lot of profits to many forex investors as i have read all the reviews of Forex Avenger and would like to purchase it, any tips for Forex Avenger ?
Any Tips On How To Succeed At Forex Trading?I am unemployed. I have tried Forex trading but I am just breaking even. Do you have any tips on how to succeed? Thank you!
Forex Florida- How Can You Find The Best Forex Broker If You Are Trading From Florida?How can you find the Best Forex Broker if you are trading From Florida?
Are There Any Experiences With The Ultimate Forex Predictor?Is there somebody who has experiences with the programme The Ultimate Forex Predictor?
If yes – what means “staking at £10 a pip” then? Does it means that what you have earned is calculated by multiplying the pip with the staking?
What Is The Best Way To Buy Options On Eur/usd Or Other Forex Pairs?I’m currently buying options on the FXE currency fund (I think it’s a Rydex fund). That works, but the spread is pretty high. Is there a better way to buy options on EUR/USD or other forex pairs?
What Legal Options Do I Have To Recover My Investment From An Online Forex Trading Club?I do not want to throw good money after bad nor do I want to be preciptous, but certain behaviours by the forex investment club have caused me grave concerns

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