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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Montreal Review

The future of humankindProphets are always passionate. From Isaiah to Marx we see ethics and morality blended with reasoning and judgements. Prophets are not scientists, even not thinkers. Rather they are oracles of Divine. They want your soul, not your brain. They deal with mystics, they can argue that their words are scientific, knowledgeable, but their goal is to demolish the edifice of the “normal,” the cathedral of the generally accepted truth. If you want to demolish the traditional narratives, you cannot speak the language of science that often is nothing but dogma. If you want to break down the universe, you cannot do it with the instruments of tradition. The effective critique is possible only when you sincerely abandon the wisdom of the present day, the wisdom of your contemporaries. Rousseau's aim is to demolish the illusions of modern man and his beloved “civilization”...The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - imperial project or security effort?We hear loud voices in media who argue that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which the U.S. is waging in the recent decade, are imperial offensives. The power and influence that America has today can be connected easily with the argument that the U.S. is a new imperial power. Actually, this argument is so popular that it is boring to repeat it again, and again. The idea of America as an imperial power is a cliché. But what is America on the international stage is still an interesting question. If America is an imperial power, are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan an expression of imperial interest?Wilhelmine Germany: realities and interpretationsThe historians often think about Wilhelmine Germany through the lens of the great wars of the XX century, and the question on which they quarrel is was the pre-war German political, social and economic system responsible for both the outbreak of the First World War and the coming of the Nazis? The historical debate over these questions helps the character of the Second Reich to be illuminated layer after layer.

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