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Friday, December 18, 2009

Artists In Oils - Individual Artists

J Douglas - United States

Crawdaddy in Key West 18 x 24 Oil on canvas

Passion, it’s that unexplainable sense of satisfaction you feel when you are doing that which you were made to do. It’s what J experiences when he is at his easel. Art isn’t something that he chose. Rather, he feels that it chose him. From the time he was very young, J can remember being excited by the creative process.

J has found inspiration by studying other artists. From the classical work of Rembrandt van Rijn to the modern day work of Henry Asencio. He is also inspired to create by his love of the people he surrounds himself with and the energetic music he fills the air with while he paints.

Though his heart longed to go for it, many of his peers and authority figures suggested that he take another route in life, and be practical. Practical meant getting a “real” job and doing art on the side. So he got into the graphic arts world. He then started as a layout artist and grew to be an art director for printshops, sign companies, advertising agencies and eventually his own art studio. J also taught art classes to students privately, in community centers and colleges across the country. In the last decade he has supported his fine art passion with his other passion ... the martial arts. He owns and runs his own school, Tiger Claw Taekwondo (, in Leesburg, Virginia. When he is not there, you can almost guarantee he can be found in his art studio.

J Douglas will always be an artist. He will always seek to take raw materials and turn them into something beautiful that inspires. It is what he was made for. Thank you for allowing him to share his passion with you.

J Douglas - Artist

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Carolanne MacLean - Canada

Carolanne MacLean, Honours Graduate in Fine Art from Ontario College of Art. Seeking light effects on form, healing quality of beauty. Painting and sculpture.

ArtistsToronto is a site for local artists in the east end of Toronto Canada. PLease visit to see my work.

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David Poyant - United States
No Picture

Self taught,Landscapes and Lighthouse are one of my favorite things to paint. I also have painted portraits.

David Poyant Paintings

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Kenneth Ober - United States

Kenneth Houghton Ober was born in Cambridge, MA. on February 22, 1972. Kenneth's creative abilities began to surface in elementary school and had become his focus by high school. Through the guidance of an excellent teacher, he was encouraged to explore all forms of media, and was instilled with the means to provoke his imagination.

Kenneth studied Art, Art History, and Literature at the University of Maryland for two years. The art, religions, and cultures of Asia served as an introduction to Buddhist philosophy, which led him to Naropa University in Boulder, CO.

The desire to connect with a larger art world brought Kenneth to California, where he graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in 2001. Since then, he has lived and worked as an independent, professional artist in Los Angeles.

Kenneth Ober - Fine Art

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Bruno Hildebrando - Canada

Bruno Hildebrando is a visual artist who experience his life between two worlds - his home country Brazil and his adopted one, Canada.
His artwork would not be different. He starts with crayon conte' or a brush and nanquin on paper, for later scan all of this roughs and put in Photoshop. The result is unique as his imagination.
His objective is humanize what is artificial, taking all Photoshop resources and use them like watercolor, oil, pastel and so on.
His art is not digital. His art is not traditional. His art lies between the past and the future, sadness and happyness, but above all of these things, his art express beauty.

Bruno Hildebrando

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K. Henderson - United States

Born in Oklahoma, K. Henderson now calls rural New Mexico home. Both locations have provided her with inspiration for her contemporary western themed paintings. She is known for her detailed oil painting of still lifes, American Indians, cowboys and horses.

K. Henderson has been showing her contemporary American Indian paintings in galleries, museums and juried shows for 3 decades. She began her
formal art training while still in high school in Tulsa.

She has attained national recognition with her work, has attracted a growing audience of collectors and has received numerous awards
including over 100 Best of Show and First place awards in national and international juried art shows.

Henderson photographs the models she uses for the paintings to get the lighting, expression and mood she wants. “My paintings are not intended
to be portraits. I use my models as a starting point. I combine features, exaggerating them and redefining them. My goal is to paint a strong emotion that captures the viewers imagination”

Henderson relies on her extensive library of books to add the clothing, regalia and artifacts in each painting.

The painting begins with a drawing on paper. When Henderson is satisfied with the composition, the drawing is transferred to the canvas. An
underpainting of raw umber is then created to define the lights and darks. After the underpainting has dried, several layers of colors are applied to complete the painting

She is a member of International Guild of Realism, Oil Painters of America and Signature Member of National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society

K. Henderson Art

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Eva Dvorzsak - Hungary

I was born in 1954 in Oradea, Romania. I studied Graphic Arts at the local Folks Art College under the Europe wide wellknown artist Roman Mottl. After graduating I started studying painting and turned my skills to painting portraits and landscapes to commissions. In 1995 we settled down in Hungary. I lived for 3 years in Cambridge and joined the group of Starving Artist . My website is

Eva Dvorzsak's Gallery

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Richard Caroprese - United Kingdom

My work is full of nature, colours and life.

A few colourful, fresh, organic and creative paintings

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Zana Ancerl Jefferies - Canada

Born in Czech Bohemia, a region rich with artistic significance.

In 1968 I was wrenched out of this inspiring environment as my family fled the Russian Invasion to Canada.

In 1973 I graduated from Toronto George Vanier and continued my studies for one more year at Ontario College of Art and Design.

I opened my own Art Gallery in In 1975 and produced a number of mixed media relief sculptures, drawings, paintings and decorative accessories.

In 1983 I conceived and produced a series of Avant-garde video art shorts of my art work and my visual interpretation of it, through costume music and dance.

Some of my work has made it's way on to the silver screen as Set Decor, with some art work specifically commissioned as set dressing.

art by zana

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Anthony Maulucci - Mexico

Anthony S. Maulucci is an Italian American artist from New England who has resided full-time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico since 2007. Living in a small cosmopolitan city surrounded by beauty and immersed in art has reinvigorated his creative energy. Working primarily in oils, he paints iconic portraits of women as well as metaphysical images inspired by literature and mythology. His technique is mostly self taught, but everything else he knows about painting came from studying art in books and museums. He is still learning. Upon his retirement at age 54 as a full-time professor of writing and English literature, he once again took up his brushes after a hiatus of several decades. He grew up in Connecticut and has lived in Boston, New York City, Montreal, and Toronto. Anthony is also a poet and writer of fiction. His books are available from or directly from the publisher at He holds an MA in liberal studies from Wesleyan University.

Books and Art by Anthony Maulucci

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Jim Ware - United States

Jim is a midwestern artist who likes to work in several media and styles. He is for hire. Take a look at some of his work on this site and go to his website at to engage him.

Jim Ware's Facebook Page

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Jim Ware - United States

A midwestern artist, Jim has painted in different media since he was a young man. He enjoys experimenting with different artistic styles, too. He is for hire. Visit his website to engage him in a commission.

Jim Ware's Website

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Alla Parsons - United States

Alla Parsons was born in 1966 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Alla always expressed her emotions through drawing and graduated from Art School in Russia. In 2000 she moved to the US. She is currently working on a Master of Fine Arts Degree in painting. Alla works in oils and mixed media, although in the past she worked exclusively in watercolors. Her experience includes teaching public and private art classes, working and exhibiting in art galleries. Her works received awards in juried shows and are in private collections across the US, Canada and Russia.

Figure, Landscape and Magic Realism

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Wim Wessling - Netherlands

Wim Wessling (1955) is a self-taught artist. He makes realistic oilpaintings and is inspired by the beauty of the 'human body', which can be male or female. Also parts of the body are shown emphasized.
Capturing is done on linen with oil, mostly in black and white and sometimes in color. Besides modelpainting from photos or live models, portraits are made as well.
To commission a painting or to talk about any ideas, contact him to discuss your concept.
Tel.: +31629252909 or email:

Paintings of the human body

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Kit Fuderich - United States
No Picture

Graduated from Williams College with a BA in Psychology

Lived a year as a snowboard bum and played professional soccer for a short stint before becoming an artist.

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Ruth Soller - United States

A full-time painter residing in Broomfield, Colorado, Ruth is inspired by the grandeur of the nearby Rocky Mountains. She paints the western landscape in a magical, mystical, surreal style. Ruth’s oil paintings of the historic architecture and the colorful people of the West, glow from within with southern charm. After twenty years of painting her work has developed a distinct and recognizable stylized realism. She perceives intensified colors, simplified forms and dramatic value contrasts in her compositions. She studied oil portraiture with Daniel E. Greene in his North Salem, New York studio and with Peggy Baumgaertner. Ruth’s influences include the work of John Singer Sargent, Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Indigo Publishing of Macon, Georgia published Soller’s Portrait of Rosa Parks in the hard-cover book Montgomery River Region Sketchbook. The general president of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) acquired Soller’s oil portrait of a New York City firefighter entitled In Remembrance for his office in Washington, D.C. Caddell Construction Co., Inc. purchased five of Ruth’s works for their Montgomery, Alabama corporate art collection. Ruth’s paintings have been exhibited from New York City to Los Angeles and from Montana to Alabama. Ruth will be representing Colorado USA in the 7th edition Florence Biennial International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Florence, Italy this December 5th to 13th.

Soller’s professional memberships include Oil Painters of America (OPA) and Louisville Art Association (LAA). Over 300 of her artworks are in private and business collections in New York City, Washington, D.C., Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Montana, Texas, Japan, and elsewhere. Ruth welcomes commissions for portraits and architectural paintings. Soller is represented by Solveig Lark of Gallery East in Loveland, Colorado and Rebecca Barrett of The Link Gallery in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Fine art Portraits and Architecture

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muller jeanfrancois - United States

I am an artist who works in many different types of media; oil, acrylic, abstract paintings on canvas,

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muller jeanfrancois - United States

Muller was born on May 25, 1964 in Cap haitian on the island of Haiti. His interest in the arts has been life-long, beginning with the appreciation of many artists, both famous and lesser known, including several friends who were also artists.
Among the famous haitian artists he admired was Philome aubin, Roland etienne and Ernst prophete. From this inspiration and working mainly on natural landscapes he decided to pursue a career in the arts. working constantly with a great passion led him to fine tune and develop his own style. In 1985 he made his professional debut by taking part in a competition at the gallery "des trois visages" (the three faces) located in Cap haitian. Later that year he became member of "Ajapka" an association of young artists in cap haitian.
In 1992 he immigrated to the united states, settling in newark new jersey. He instantly began to work in acrylic and oil preferring a primitive approach. in 1995, he was featured in an art exhibition in east orange, New jersey. In 2006 he participated in a competition sponsored by Agora gallery in new york city called "competition international". During all this time he was always painting, trying to perfect his style of art.
As a native painter, Muller prefers panoramic countryside and landscapes. He approaches his art through "positivity". Since coming to New jersey, he has become a serious art collector trying to expand his style to include architectural paintings. Muller also extends his work to include reproduction work of classical paintings, mostly from an intuitive sense that he could do it well. His favorite colors to work with are: green, red, yellow, blue, and black. these colors dominate most of his art work.

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Seahawk Wang-Radojcic - United States

To inspire all artists, THE CREATOR, has provided endless motives as: horizons, oceans' waves, colorful flowers, meadows, animals, insects, love songs from blooming tree, deadly dance by mountain's goats, body's pain expressed on faces, soul's agony and fear hidden in deepness of the eyes, happiness from mothers hug, peacefulness of small village, fast life in modern big cities...
When my inner emotions interact with the reality of everyday' life in New York City they brings hidden energy from buildings, bridges, trees, parked cars, sport arenas, music from underground of subway and people on the streets which I convey to my canvas.
My paintings will continue to capture each moment in time of Beautiful City Wonderful Life which is my City of New York.

2002 - 2004. Studied Chinese traditional
philosophy of human soul, body and the
secrets of life.
1991. Graduate with Bachelor Degree in Fine Art.
1987. Admitted to prestigious The Northeastern
University of Art
1986. Finished Senior High School.

Beautiful City Womderful Life

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Rossello Damiano - Italy

DAMIANO ROSSELLO è un esperto artista-artefice con rare qualità di modellatore, capace di interpretazioni plastiche di altissimo livello.
Maestro completo, crea a tutto campo forme ardite e sapienti, argille e terre si piegano ubbidienti ai suoi voleri perche´ DAMIANO ne possiede ogni segreto con l´umiltà naturale di chi sà.
Il colore e il fuoco fanno la loro parte, sia per il piccolo oggetto artigianale che per l´opera unica irripetibile.
La materia non ha segreti per questo artista, in grado di rispondere magistralmente agli stimoli innati e freschi della sua inventiva e capacità.
Ha esposto e conseguito riconoscimenti nazionali ed internazionali.
Nel febbraio 2008 è stato inviato, patrocinato dalla Regione Liguria a tenere lezioni presso l´accademia di Arti Plastiche “Oswaldo Guayasamín” di Bayamo (Cuba)
DAMIANO ROSSELLO nato nel 1963 a Borgomanero in provincia di Novara, oggi vive e lavora ad Albisola in provincia di Savona.

TELEFONO 3494792509

DAMIANO Rossello est un artiste-artisan expert ses modèles de qualité rare, il est capable d'interpréter les plastiques plus haut niveau.
Sa piste principale, il crée à travers les formes audacieuses et sage, d'argiles et de la terre obéissante pliée à sa volonté parce que «DAMIANO détient tous les secrets de la nature avec l'humilité de celui qui sait.
La couleur et le feu font leur part, tant pour les petites embarcations qui ne travaillent que répéter.
La matière n'a pas de secrets pour cet artiste, capable de répondre avec brio à des stimuli et fraîche de son inventivité et la capacité innées.
Il a exposé et a obtenu des prix nationaux et internationaux.
En Février 2008 il a été envoyé, parrainé par la Regione Liguria conférences à l'Académie d'Arts Plastiques "Oswaldo Guayasamin» de Bayamo (Cuba)
DAMIANO ROSSELLO né en 1963 à Borgomanero, dans la province de Novara, vit et travaille maintenant à Albisola, dans la province de Savona ITALIE

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