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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


They Only Come Out at Night: The Moon in the Signs, part 2
Many people born after 1969 under-appreciate what an emotional milestone it was, globally, to see people walking on the moon. It had always been the symbol of something completely unreachable -- a body contained within the heavens itself. In some ways, this is an appropriate analogy for the way that astrologers look at the moon. It represents emotions -- one of the aspects of our minds that make up feel closest to heaven (but also to hell!), and even as far as neuroscience is concerned, still mostly unreachable. We continue our look at how the moon's positioning affects a natal chart.
Moon in Libra
Libra's sign is the scales, so personal astrology readings usually indicate that these subjects have a need for emotional balance and equality. They are usually quite sympathetic and happy to acquiesce to other's people's needs, in order to maintain peace. They are charming, flirtatious and graceful.
Moon in Scorpio
Natal charts that show the moon in Scorpio mean (according to astrological principles) that the subject is intense emotionally, and seeks out emotional transformation and rebirth. They need commitment for fulfillment, and are very intuitive.
Moon in Sagittarius
Having the moon positioned in Sagittarius means that a person seeks out emotional freedom -- the ability to do and feel whatever they like. This seeking is often very active -- they don’t like to sit still!
Moon in Capricorn
Emotions for moon-in-Capricorn people are things to be controlled and made reliable and steady. They are not naturally emotionally-led, and prefer to think about things logically. They have as many dark or negative emotions as anyone else -- but letting these out frightens them.
Moon in Aquarius
When it comes to matters of the heart, when a natal chart shows the moon in Aquarius the subject is usually idealistic and progressive ... though this sometimes leads to detachment and emotional distance. They are willful, and need both physical and emotional independence in order to be happy.
Moon in Pisces
The moon in Pisces allows a person to identify strongly with other people ... with just about anybody, in any situation. They have a strange but sweet sense of humor, are soft-hearted and accepting of others' emotions, though they may differ from their own.

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