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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

love compatibility

Seduction Tips: The FIRE Signs
The constellations that astrologers have chosen to use in their interpretations of how the world works are divided into four groups: earth, air, water and fire. The sign that the sun is in at the time of a person's birth is known in the natal chart as their sun sign, and is considered the strongest defining feature of their personality. The three fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius -- if your thoughts are turning to romance with a man or woman from any of these three signs, we have some great tips for you!
Determining sun signs
You will need to know the time and date of their birth (as well as the place in the world) to determine their sun sign. You could get a personal astrology reading for them, or a love compatibility reading to start you off. In some cases just the birthday is sufficient.
Fire signs in general
These men and women have a lot of energy -- while opposites can attract (depending on your individual Mars and Venus signs), you will generally need to either tolerate, or have a lot of energy for love compatibility with fire signs! They can be unpredictable, and love freedom, being the center of attention and action.
Seduction tips for Aries
Both men and women born under Aries enjoy a good chase -- the back-and-forth pressure that doesn’t immediately lead to intensity in a relationship. They have a warrior's spirit, which you will need to match in order to live successfully with them! Sometimes they do love to be the hero or heroine of a situation, though ... only sometimes!
Seduction tips for Leos
Leo men and women like to feel that they are the center of attention. All the world is a stage, and they are the main actor, director, stage manager and producer. YOU are the audience! Good love compatibility arises with partners who are willing to make them feel like the most important person in the world. Appreciate their bodies -- they are quite proud people when it comes to their appearance, and never shame or embarrass them, even in jest.
Seduction tips for Sagittarius
Like a fire roaming wherever it chooses, Sagittarian men and women like to be free. This is as much figurative as it is literal -- you have to accept their prerogative to do what they like, when they like to have a strong love compatibility. These people are on the hunt for the meaning of life ... share their quest!

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