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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The CEO Game

Planning Your Financial Gambling
You do something that goes exactly how you planned, and even better. You buy a stock that rises 20% the day after you bought it. You sell your startup and make a couple million dollars before you even have the final product. What does it mean? Does that make you successful in what you [...]5 Tips for Women in the WorkplaceSimply put, women in the workplace are at a distinct disadvantage. Women in business, including entrepreneurs and CEOs, have even the hardest, perhaps, because it is a traditionally very male field.
What is this disadvantage exactly? Well, according to stereotypes, women are weak. They focus on feelings, communication, and concern for everyone’s opinions; this makes people [...]5 Tips For Saving Money With Your iPhoneSince the invention of the iPhone, the smartphone trend has exhibited continuously exponential growth. Many new developments have created a new market to explore.
A lot of iPhone buyers use only a small and trivial part of its functionality, not realizing the full potential of their mobile friend.
iPhone Applications, the hottest trend of the mobile world, [...]IndustryMasters – Mastering the TradeThe first of two articles on the products of Tycoon Systems: IndustryPlayer and IndustryMasters. Both are online business games which join together light entertainment of multiplayer gaming with educational purposes.
IndustryMasters is an online, multiplayer, business strategy game, brought to you by Tycoon Masters, a Brazilian business education software firm and is intended to replicate real world economy. This [...]The Future Of The American EconomyThe ground is shaking; the world is braking, as we enter a new era.
The balance of the global economy is fragile and constantly changing, but now we ourselves are on the verge of a major power change. This change is so comprehensive and great that it will affect every aspect of our lives.  I’m talking [...]Project Natal – A Whole New Level of SimulationEarlier this summer, Microsoft unleashed its newest innovation, a hands-free motion-sensitive control system that would allow a player to control the action of games with full body movement. Project Natal does this without making the user strap on a single sensor! Instead, it uses a self-contained module that is simply added onto the Xbox 360. The video camera [...]The European Union Effect: Will China and Japan Unite?The world standstills, dazed and confused as news break out about a new possible Chinese-Japanese alliance. China and Japan, long time sworn rivals began to seriously discuss their unification, one so strong according to experts, that it could make them the strongest financial force ever seen in the entire world. This comes as a shock, since Tokyo and Beijing’s [...]eRepublik – Managing the New WorldeRepublik is an online multi-player simulation game and a social network that was developed by eRepublik labs and was launched in October 2008. The idea behind the game was to create a virtual world, which is based on the real world, in which every participant can take part in determining his country’s future. Players, who [...]Rio Olympics: Will the Games be a Financial Success Story? Part 2The second of two articles on the Connection between Rio, the Olympics and cultural and financial prosperity.
do the games bring benefits to make up for the constant rising prices? Some do and some just don’t work out as well as planned, like described in part 1. The Olympic games brought a fresh breeze of regeneration to Barcelona, [...]Rio Olympics: Will the Games be a Financial Success Story? Part 1The first of two articles on the Connection between Rio, the Olympics and cultural and financial prosperity.
The crowd went wild and the media sensation was noticeable as Rio was officially crowned as the host of the 2016 Olympic Games. Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil’s major tourism attractions and a poverty and crime struck city; rode a wave of [...]

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