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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Android Spy Software

The Best Feature of Android Monitoring Software
Android monitoring software is an application that was developed for Android based phones, such as some Motorola and Samsung models. It is intended to make information of the activity of the phone available on Internet for monitoring purposes. You do this by registering the phone on a web site that sells the software.

Android Spy Software

Please note that you must own the phone that you are going to install the Android monitoring software on. You can’t install the software on a phone that is not yours. Doing so is illegal. It’s like taking another person’s car and modifying it without his or her consent. If you install the Android monitoring software on someone else’s phone, you’d be incurring in a crime and could be prosecuted.

The only exception is if you work for a company or an employer, and the employer asks you to install the software on the phones of the company as part of your job. This usually happens if you are the person that is normally in charge of the phones.

Anyway, Android monitoring software is not detectable once it is installed. The phone won’t show an icon or give a beep or have an extra item in a menu that lets the user know that the software has been installed on the phone.

Then, it’s just a matter of going to the Android spy software’s website and entering a username and a password (that you created when you purchased the software) in order to be able to see information about the phone.

There are several features, but in my opinion, one of them outranks the others by far.

This feature is being able to read any text message that was received or sent by the phone. It doesn’t matter if the user of the phone erases the messages after reading them. The content of the message is recorded on the web site the moment is generated, so you can still read the messages even after they have been wiped out of the phone’s memory.

This feature allows you to get vital information. For example, if you suspect that your spouse is cheating on your, you can easily find out this way. If you suspect your child is in drugs, pregnant, or bullied at school, a quick glance will let you know if there is an urgent problem.

The potential of this type of software is endless. It will take time to see where it takes us and what things we can do with the information we get.

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  1. This is great! With this software I can now spy on my wife without her knowing. Lately, she's been cold to me and I suspect she's into someone.