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Thursday, May 20, 2010

iPad Apps Review Online

Oops, Gold And Diamond Studded iPad

If you say iPad is pretty expensive to afford, then how about this? A gold and diamond stunned iPad priced at around 130,000 pounds, which comes around $192,049. This iPad model was created by Stuart Huges a 39 year old designer who owns Goldstriker International. The gold and diamond stunned iPad [...]Shanghai Mahjong A Game Worth Of Playing

When I was small, I used to play Chinese games on my computer and its a pretty fun game actually to play for a long time. Mind addictive games put you in the game for more many hours and it stops you thinking about time. Here comes Shanghai Mahjong HD for iPad [...]Scratch Proof Your iPad With Invisible Shield

Apple’s iDevices has to be handled with care and it implies to all iDevices. Since many are going craze on iPad, it is essential to protect their iPad from getting scratched. I had seen many scratch guard for iPad, but most of them doesn’t protect you from scratch. So how to [...]Watch This: An iPad Controlled Video Blimp

We had seen many videos on iPad being used as an incredible device, but this video has proved iPad can be used for innovation. The video shows an iPad controlling a video blimp using iPad accelerometer. The device uses specially made custom software, which connects the computer that is built [...]A Facebook App For iPad

It’s been more than a month iPad was surfacing on our hands, sadly Facebook has no signs of coming up with a Facebook app for iPad. Many thanks to Sobees for coming up with a Facebook client for iPad. It’s not a native app from Facebook, but this third party app which [...]Transform Your iPad Into A Tablet Using Mi-Stylus

Apple’s iDevices are not designed to be used with a stylus, but now its possible with Mi-Stylus a stylus that works on all iDevices. Stylus is more helpful for iPad, which fails to writing notes and doodle. Most of the stylus available in the market are not supported by iDevices, [...]What Is iPad? A New iPad Commercial From Apple

Apple has unveiled a new iPad commercial some hours before and the ad goes like someone describes what is iPad all about. The advertisement was made to focus the iPad’s brilliant interface, capabilities, usability and its features. The commercial also illustrate different kinds of people in different professionals are getting benefited from iPad. Its a [...]Get Some Art On Your iPad From GelaSkins

For those who love artworks on their gadgets, this might be a useful information to get some artworks on your iPad. Gelaskins is a company which has a community of artist who had create stunning skins for many gadgets. Recently they had added a cool collection of skins for iPad. The skins [...]Its Confirmed. Google Tablet Is Coming Soon

Before some months, we heard some rumor about Google Tablet and now its confirmed. WSJ has reported Verizon Wireless is working with Google on a tablet computer. The news came in after Verizon CEO Lowell Powell spoke about Google tablet in an interview to WSJ. He also says the Google tablet [...]iBooks App Review

When you open iTunes stores from your iPad, for the first time you will be prompted to download was iBooks app. Once you download the app you can browse through your own library that has preloaded e-books or you can also buy books from the build-in bookstore. I don’t think its necessary to describe [...]

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