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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Danbee Investigations

Avoiding Pitfalls When Conducting Foreign Supply Chain Security Audits by Barry Brandman
 Here are two reasons why supply chain security should be taken seriously:
 1. If your safeguards look considerably better on paper than they work in reality, your company faces the risk of having illegal narcotics or a weapon of mass destruction smuggled into the United States via one of your shipments.
 2. The other risk [...]Annual C-TPAT Conferenceby Barry Brandman
Last week I attended the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism annual conference in Anaheim, California. This much anticipated event sold out within hours of being announced on the Customs & Border Protection website.
This annual conference not only provides certified member companies with the opportunity to learn about the state of the program and [...]2010 Supply Chain Security Webinarby Barry Brandman
Today, I participated as a guest speaker for the 2010 Supply Chain Security Webinar.
This program focused on strategies for minimizing supply chain security risk, a growing concern for manufacturers, distributors, and transportation companies. Along with myself, experts from Cisco, Powers International, Customs & Trade Solutions, Accenture, as well as the National Custom [...]Exposing Some Myths About Security Technologyby Barry Brandman
While it’s tempting to become impressed with state-of-the-art asset protection technology, it can prove costly to be lulled into a false sense of security. With internal theft and cargo crime spiking, the last thing that any company can afford is to be blindsided by a six or seven figure loss. However, that’s exactly what’s [...]Finding Cost Effective Solutions in a Tough Economy: It’s Time to Think Outside the Proverbial Boxby Barry Brandman
It’s no secret that the warehousing and transportation industry has been hit hard with rising costs and shrinking profit margins. With experts projecting an extended economic recovery, logistics executives are struggling with  some difficult financial decisions.
The knee jerk reaction of some when it comes to asset protection  has been to arbitrarily cut spending.  However, [...]Anatomy of a Theft: How $182,000 of Inventory Disappearedby Barry Brandman
Here’s an actual case history that resulted in a distributor losing over $180,000 of inventory. The methodology was simple, yet effective. By taking advantage of this company’s rapid growth and lax security controls (both of which created opportunity), a devious checker disproved the old axiom that crime doesn’t pay. Reality check: crime pays [...]4 Tips for an Effective Hotline Programby Barry Brandman
Honest employees, who don’t want to work alongside thieves, substance abusers and other unsavory types, will oftentimes not come forward because they’re fearful about getting dragged into a potentially uncomfortable or even dangerous situation.
This fear factor is not completely unfounded. In fact, there is an actual term for it: “whistleblower syndrome”. There have [...]White Collar Crime on an Upward Trendby Barry Brandman
In one confidential survey, nearly 25% of the companies responding revealed that they had been victimized by some type of fraud within the last 12 months. Thefts of intellectual property are on the rise as well. An estimate from one study puts that loss alone at more than $60 billion.
The old axiom that crime [...]How Vulnerable Is Your Company to Cybercrime?by Barry Brandman
Cybercrime can literally be launched from any place on the globe. Unauthorized entries into corporate servers and networks can result in fraud, the theft of proprietary information, the misappropriation of company funds, as well as highly destructive and costly sabotage.
There are generally three categories of those who illicitly seek to penetrate corporate computer [...]The 7 Deadly Sins of Logistics SecurityIt’s estimated that the cost of business crime in the United States now exceeds $100 billion a year and is responsible for nearly 1/3 of all corporate bankruptcies. In a survey taken by a national accounting firm, nearly 25% of the respondents reported that theft related losses in their respective firms exceeded $1 million.
 Most wholesalers, consolidators, freight forwarders and distributors that [...]

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