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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Atlantic TriangleMindwarrior Games is a new Finnish board game development house and Atlantic Triangle is their first game, done in cooperation with Tactic. It’s a sleek-looking game on the topic of triangular trade, which means the players are actually slave traders! Not a very politically correct theme, but it’s fairly abstract. However, there are actual slave [...]Duck Dealers running wildHooray! I bought a copy of Duck Dealer right after Essen 2008. It took couple of months to arrive, I think, as it was delayed, as were some other games in the same order. Still, I’ve had the game for almost year and a half, unplayed on my shelf. Now was finally the time for [...]Notes on AntiquityI missed the regular gaming this week, but I was blessed with an opportunity to play Antiquity. The last time was back in 2008, so it was about time.
This was a similar experience as the previous game, actually. I played against newbies, winning and generally playing a satisfactory game. I didn’t record my patron saint [...]Lighter games and TarockWith my regular Wednesday games cancelled thanks to Johanna’s plans, I had to come up with something else. A friend has a game day every Monday, so I went and checked out that party. It was good, so maybe I’ll join them again some other time.
We had planned some Tarock, but were missing few players, [...]Finnish Players’ Picks 2009So, it took me six months to get this done and when I finally did it, it took me, like, six minutes.
I present you the results of the Finnish Players’ Picks 2009 voting, in the form of a handy GeekList.
Samarkand: Routes to RichesI missed the original Age of Scheme. Thus I was rather glad it got reprinted by Queen Games as Samarkand: Routes to Riches. It’s not just a pretty reprint like Chicago Express was, but rather a conversion of a demanding auction game to a German family game. Gone are the auctions, say hello to randomly [...]New lookIt was about time! I switched the blog from Movable Type to WordPress. I thought it would be a harrowing process, but it was fairly smooth (ok, my idea of smooth involves a fair bit of regexp fixing, mining data with MySQL queries and so on). This was my last active blog using Movable Type, [...]Endeavor and Kayanak
One of the buzz games from last Essen was Endeavor. It took a while to arrive at our group, but finally we got to play it. We got the full compliment of five players and started to explore and colonize the world after a somewhat complicated rules explanation.
It’s a fun game, and looks really good. [...]Recent gaming: Agricola + othersI took the kids to Jyväskylä last weekend to see their grandmother. All in all a good visit, except not quite enough sleep for me, but that’s life with toddlers. Of course, board games were involved. In addition to playing a bit of Dominion (they’ve enjoyed it a lot, I’ve given my mother both the [...]First impressions of Greed, Inc.
We finally got to play Greed, Inc.. It’s definitely as good as it seemed to be! The theme is fun and works well, and the simple mechanics come together as an interesting game.
I got a good taste of how things work, as after the first round of people getting fired, I ended up running a [...]

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