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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mountain Bike - Mountain Bike

GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Mens GMC Topkick 26" Dual suspension Bike with Shimano 21 speed index gearing~ For any service questions contact Kent at 1-800-451-KENT (5368) EST., for replacement parts, repair kits, tools and warranty information (or)

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Mongoose Status Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

Mongoose 26 Inch Men's Status BikeWith it's down hill aluminum suspension frame, the Status Bike is sure to please the adventure seeker in your family. This bike features from and rear promax disc brakes, MTB 31.8 rise bars with ahead stem, 24-speed shimano with EZ Fire Shifters, integrated shimano levers, SR Suntour alloy forged 3-piece crankset, ARROW black anodized alloy rims and hbs, and QR seat post.

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Pacific Chromium Men's Dual Suspenstion Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

This 26" Chromium Bike is fully equipped for your adventures ride. The bike features full suspension and 18-Speed Torque Drive. Extra wide tires roll smoothly over pavement or grass.

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Lamborghini Toro Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

The Tonino Lamborghini Toro is back and better than ever! The new Toro continues to feature a beautiful, hand crafted, four bar linkage dual suspension aluminum frame that soaks up bumps big and small. Enhancements from courtesy of SRAM, maker of some of the most respected high performance components available in bicycle racing today. SRAM SX-4 shifters and derailleurs provide lightning fast shifting. Promax front and rear disc brakes ensure that you stop on a dime. On the trail the rider will immediately notice the zero flex that the oversize 31.8 alloy handle bar and stem provide, giving you confidence as you tackle tricky single track. The Toro is finished in a high gloss Italian red. Don't miss the opportunity to ride a truly unique bicycle inspired by the same family that produces some of the most beautiful ultra performance sports cars in the world. Available in a 19 inch frame. Customer contact information at 1-800-451-KENT (5368) or

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Mongoose Maxim Men's Dual Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

Alloy rims for lightweight durability

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Kent Trail Machine Men's Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Mens Trail Machine 26" 21 speed Shimano bike ~ For any service questions contact Kent at 1-800-451-KENT (5368) EST., for replacement parts, repair kits, tools and warranty information, (or)

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Pacific Tuscon Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

Enjoy a comfortable ride whether on the trail or in the street with the Pacific Tucson men's dual-suspension mountain bike. The 26-inch bike features a handcrafted high-tensile steel frame, 18-speed Index multi-speed shifters, and front and rear linear pull brakes. Add in an adjustable quick-release seat--which allows you to adjust the seat up and down in seconds for individual comfort--and you have an ideal mountain bike for almost any application.


  • Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel frame
  • Front and rear linear pull brakes
  • 3-piece crank with steel chain guard
  • 26-inch steel wheels with 1.95-inch tires
  • 18-speed Index torque-drive twist shifters
  • Age: Adult (62 inches tall and up)
  • Color: Silver and black
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Mongoose Maxim Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (24-Inch Wheels)

Designed for peak performance under rugged conditions, the 24-inch, 21 speed Mongoose MGX Maxim will tackle all your off-road and in-city journeys with ease. It offers an alloy frame with a full (or dual) suspension, which adds a heavy duty shock absorber to the back wheel in addition to the front fork suspension. This full suspension provides more comfort and greater control as you attack the trails. It has 21-speed shifting with a Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM MRX shifting. Other features include a comfortable ATB anatomical saddle, lightweight alloy rims with MTB hubs, alloy linear pull brakes, chunky MTB wheels, three-piece crank, and an MTB handlebar and stem.


  • Frame & Fork: Dual Suspension Frame with Element Fork
  • Handlebar / Stem: ATB MTB Handlebar and Stem
  • Shifting System: 21-Speed Shifting with Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Brakes: Alloy Linear Pull Brakes
  • Crankset: 3-piece Crank
  • Wheels: Light weight Alloy Rims with Steel MTB Hubs

Assembly of the Bike:
This bike comes mostly assembled. Minor assembly is required before the bike can be used.

About Mongoose
In 1974, BMX Products, Inc., later to be known as Mongoose Bicycles, launched from a humble garage. The first of its kind, the BMX bicycle was named after bicycle motocross and was designed to fit the needs of the rough-and-tumble dirt-racing pastime that took its toll on wheels and bicycles. The heavy-duty, one-piece cast-aluminum Mongoose Motomag wheel was soon born, and it was the first competition-ready BMX bicycle available. Skip Hess, while in Australia pursuing his motor sports passion, came into contact with a strange and unusual cat-size animal--the mongoose. Known for its passive nature while unprovoked, yet vicious and aggressive enough to kill a threatening Cobra twice its size, the Mongoose impressed Hess, who quickly registered the Mongoose trademark for his new bicycle racing frame.

The Expert BMX bicycle model, which is still a cornerstone of the Mongoose BMX line today, was introduced in 1980. Shortly after, Mongoose captured the first ever ABA National #1 Cruiser Title. Previously known for the 20-inch bicycle, this title signaled the re-direction of Mongoose bicycles to larger-wheeled, adult-sized models. Several years later, Mongoose continues to dominate the cruiser racing circuit with six National No. 1 Cruiser titles, leading to the introduction of adult-sized Mongoose all-terrain bicycles (ATBs).

In 1992, Mongoose pioneered the full-suspension market with the introduction of the Amplifier. This design is still the most-copied suspension design in the market. Several year later, Mongoose launched the Newman adult bicycle frame, which is proven to be 15% stronger than any other bike frame in the market. The design, while functionally sound, also raised eyebrows because of its distinctive look.

In the next few years, Mongoose increased its marketing focus to dominate the bicycle industry, and more important, extend beyond it. The Mongoose brand marketing initiative makes more than 100 million impressions. Mongoose?s brand awareness increased by over 130% in 1999 and solidifies the No. 2 market share position in units and dollars. Mongoose was acquired by Pacific Cycle, LLC, and continues to grow and prosper with more than 40 models of BMX, mountain, trail, freestyle, jumping, comfort, road, and cyclocross bikes. Bicycle Buying Guide
Finding the Right Bike
To really enjoy cycling, it's important to find a bicycle that works for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when you're in the market for a new bike:

The Right Ride
In general, bikes are broken down into three major categories:

  • Road and Racing Bikes--As a general rule, road and racing are built for speed and longer distances on paved surfaces. Thinner tires, lightweight 29-inch (700c) wheels and drop bars that allow for a more aerodynamic position are the norm. Most road bikes, regardless of price, offer many gears for tackling both hilly and flat terrain.
  • Mountain Bikes--With their larger tires, hill-friendly gearing and upright position, mountain bikes are very popular for all types of riding, both on pavement and off. Mountain bikes that are designed specifically for rugged trail use typically feature a suspension fork. Some may have rear suspension, as well. A quick change of the tires on any mountain bike--even one that you use regularly on trails--adds to its versatility and makes it a worthy street machine.
  • Comfort/Cruiser Bikes--For tooling around on bike paths, light trails, or for cruising a quiet beach-side lane, comfort/cruiser bikes are the ticket. With a super-relaxed riding position, padded seats, and limited or no gearing, these bikes are made for enjoying the scenery and having fun with the family.

The Right Price
A bike's price boils down to three essentials: frame materials, bike weight, and component quality and durability.

  • Entry-level--You'll find a wide range of comfort and cruiser bikes in this category, as well as some lower-end mountain bikes and road bikes. Most will have steel frames and components that are designed to last for several years with frequent use.
  • Mid-range--Bikes in this range may feature a lighter aluminum frame with mid-range components that keep performing after miles of use. If you're looking for a quality bike that is relatively lightweight and will stand up to abuse, this is the "sweet spot." Most serious commuter and touring bikes fall into this category, as do mid-range mountain bikes with a decent front suspension.
  • High-end--Racers and serious enthusiasts who expect lightweight, high-performance components will want to stick to this category. For road bikes, exotic frame materials (carbon fiber, titanium) and ultra-lightweight components can add thousands to the price tag. Mountain bikes in this class often feature advanced front and rear suspension technology, as well as components designed to handle lots of rugged trail action.

The Right Size
Fit is crucial for comfort, control, and proper power and endurance on a bike. Here are some basic bike fit tips:

  • Stand-over Height--To find out if a bike's overall height fits your body, measure your inseam. Next, determine how much clearance you'll need between your crotch and the top tube of the bike. For a mountain bike, you'll want three to five inches of clearance. A road bike should offer between one and two inches of clearance, while a commuter bike should have two to four inches. Compare the stand-over height for a given bike to your measurements (inseam + clearance) to determine the right bike height.
  • Top Tube Length--You can measure your torso to get a good estimate of proper top tube length. First, make a fist and extend your arm. Measure from the center of your fist to the end of your collarbone (the part that intersects your shoulder). Next, measure your torso by placing a book against your crotch with the spine facing up. Measure from the spine to the bottom of your throat (the spot between your collarbones). Finally, add the two measurements (arm length + torso length), divide the number in half and subtract six inches. This is your approximate top tube length. Compare this number to a bike's posted top tube length. You can allow for about two inches longer or shorter, as most bikes can be adjusted via stem length/height and saddle fore/aft position to make fine adjustments to the fit.
  • Bikes for Women--Proportionally, women tend to have a shorter torso and longer legs than men. Bike makers design women's bikes that offer a shorter top tube and many comfort/cruiser bikes built for women may also provide more stand-over clearance.

The Right Accessories
When you make a bike purchase, don't forget these crucial add-ons:

  • Helmet (this is a must!)
  • Seat pack
  • Lock
  • Hydration pack, or water bottles and bottle cages
  • Spare tubes
  • Portable bike pump
  • Gloves

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GMC Yukon Mountain Bike

The GMC Yukon features a strong aluminum frame utilizing a floating beam suspension design, mated to a Zoom suspension fork with elastomer/spring technology. The Yukons drivetrain starts with Microshift twist shifters controlling Shimano's tried and true TZ-30GS derailleur, and finishes up with a strong aluminum wheelset featuring a V-shape rim profile and high flange alloy hubs. Stopping is handled by Promax alloy V-brake front and rear, vastly superior to rim brakes especially under adverse road conditions. True to it's GMC roots, this bicylcle is rugged, good looking, and built for the long haul. Factory contact information at 1-800-451-KENT (5368) or

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Pacific Evolution Men's Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

The Pacific Evolution Men's 26-in front-suspension mountain bike is built around an MTB steel frame with a Vortex suspension fork to smooth out your ride. It's equipped with twist shifters and 18 speeds

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