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Monday, May 10, 2010

Tech At Hand Dot Net | Philippines, Technology, SEO and Blogging

I Will Be Travelling to Philippines TodayToday night is my flight to Philippines to have my annual vacation, Normally when I am on vacation I am converting Tech At Hand to be a Travel blog to feature locations that I have visited. You can see my previous travel at my Travel Category , On this vacation I will be travelling to [...]Will Comelec Still Have Time To Rectify Errors FoundIn just few days before the election there are some problems being seen after having the mock election in occidental Mindoro, Errors such as counting errors which they are now calling automated cheating. Ellen Tordesilla have a detailed reports about the 76,000 Memory cards to be replaced by Commission on Elections (Comelec) due to the [...]Finally Bye Bye Chitika Premium AdsAfter writing about the drastic drop of chitika earning I have decided to totally remove their ads today. They have actually put my blogs into further review which means that they don’t want my blogs to feature their Ads.
I just don’t know if they will pay my last month earnings. Anyway there are still lots [...]Skyfire for Android LaunchIf you are an Android user you might probably like the latest news in mobile industry. I am referring to the recent launch of Skyfire for Android. Skyfire is a great Mobile Phone Browser. I am using skyfire in my Nokia e71. Since Skyfire is a lot better than the preinstalled browser of my phone.
You [...]Unboxing Pics | Nokia N900 ( Maemo OS ) First ImpressionHere is the unboxing pics of a review unit of Nokia N900 Maemo Phone, This unit was sent by WOMWorld Nokia for review purpose. I have receieved a used phone but still in good condition.If you want your stuff to be reviewed you may contact me thru my Contact Page
At first I thought the unit [...]Cebu Pacific Air Celebrates Labor Day With Discounted Rates
If you plan to travel between September 1 to September 30, 2010 , You better grab your seat at cebu pacific air since they are giving a very low discounted rates for you. Flight rates are non refundable of course. But hurry up, it started yesterday and will end up tommorrow. I don’t know if [...]Chitika Earnings Drops DrasticallyI don’t know what happen to Chitika, when I check my Chitika earnings today, Chitika Earnings drops tremendously. as if I am not using chitika and when i open my e-mail i saw this e-mail from them. I got only 3 views last 2 days ago..
Hi Dexter,
As we continue to optimize our ads to get [...]Philippines 2010 Election : How To Use PCOS MachineDo you know what is PCOS Machine ? PCOS Machine is the machine that will be use to count the votes for the Philippine 2010 Election on May 10, 2010. The first ever Electronic election that will happen in Philippines. There are lots of people who disagree to use this machine in counting the votes [...]HP announced Buying palm for $ 1.2 Billion
HP ( Hewlett-Packard Co )  has just announced that it’s acquiring Palm at the tune of $1.2 billion, which works out to $5.70 per share of Palm common stock. The buy out is set to take place on July 31. Current Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein is “expected to remain with the company,” though it’s not [...]Amazon Affiliates SpammersFirst of All Tech At Hand hate Spammers !
Just be informed that if you try to put Amazon Affiliate links in my Comment section, your comments will bae immediately tag as spam. For the last few days I have constantly seeing commenter putting their Amazon Affiliate links as their Website links. if you are not [...]

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