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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Facebook enhances events appFacebook has launched a new version of its Events app on Saturday. With the new app, creating new events has become easier than ever. Now, Facebook users can create new events by using the form available in Events box on Facebook home page.

More detailed events can be created by accessing the Events dashboard using the [...]

Adobe employees to get free Android phonesThe Adobe Systems’ management has decided to encourage the use of Android phones with Flash Player 10.1 among their employees. Adobe has also confirmed its plans to demonstrate a version of Flash for Google’s Android’s software during Google’s I/O Conference set to be held this month. This is a response to Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs [...]

Facebook Zero for your mobileMore and more mobile phones are coming everyday with increased support for social networking websites. Every new mobile costs more than its previous models. The social networking addicts always run after such mobile phones. However, Facebook is going to release a special low bandwidth mobile phone edition of its website for mobile users.
Named as Facebook [...]

BlackBerry joins top five phones of the worldWe have a good news for BlackBerry phone. The overwhelming demand for the phone has helped it to break into the top five bestselling phones of the world, reports research firm IDC.
During the first quarter of 2010, RIM has replaced Motorola in the top five phone brands of the world, accompanying Sony Ericsson at 4th [...]

WebOS updated for Verizon subscribersThe most exciting news about Palm this week is that the WebOS software on Verizon is updated to Though no new apps are added in this release yet some fixes are incorporated as described below.

Pinch-zoom now works correctly in Doc and PDF view.
A lag in the camera shutter sound has been rectified.
Forwarding videos uploaded [...]

Verizon’s stock of HTC Droid Incredible sold outThe online stock of HTC Droid Incredible is sold out at Verizon’s online store. The next batch will be available on 4th May. According to verizon, they are offering the phone set on an attractive introductory price and users will not have to wait for its delivery after 4th May. The phone is being offered [...]

Gameloft releases Avatar game for iPadFamous movie “Avatar” is converted into an iPad game by Gameloft, a well known game developer for iphone, ipad, ipod etc.
The game revolves around the original story that took place almost two decades before the movie. It also tells how first Avatar came into being.
The game utilizes some of the most beautiful landscapes in Pandora [...]

Nokia’s first 12MP camera phone, N8 / N98Nokia’s first 12 megapixels camera phone leaked via an XML on the company’s official website is much under the talks these days. The phone, Nokia N8, is also being name as Nokia N98. Nokia will replace its technology from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels according to the rumors. Nokia’s this model will reportedly have following [...]

Satellite navigation apps for your smartphonesIf you are driving in some way for the first time, probably you will wish to have a satellite navigation for finding your way easily. But what if your plans change and you are stranded without maps or a route home?
Having satellite navigation in your phone can make your dream come true and it can [...]

Motonav TN700Motorola’s Motonav TN700 is much identical to Motonav TN500. However, it comes with a much bigger 5.1″ cinematic screen. Motonav TN700 uses bluetooth to access some data from your phone. The handset also features a service called MotoExtras however the service is free for first three months only.
Motonav TN700 also offers local search feature which [...]

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