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Sunday, May 2, 2010

ZIRH Products

ZIRH EAU DE TOILETTEZIRH'S signature fragrance is fresh, clean and masculine — a simultaneously cool and spicy scent with notes of lime, green mandarin, Siamese ginger, nutmeg and more.

It comes in a glass spray bottle encased in a sleek brushed aluminum canister. CORDUROY Deodorant StickAn alcohol-free, clear deodorant stick. Lightly fragranced with CORDUROY, this stick will keep you feeling fresh while masking odors.CORDUROY Hair&Body WashA dual-purpose wash that gently cleanses hair and body, leaving behind the scent of Corduroy, the new fragrance from ZIRH.CORDUROY THE NEW FRAGRANCE FROM ZIRHA fresh, inviting burst of Grapefruit, Mandarin and a unique Acquacoral accord flows smoothly into the heart of soft, brushed Suede wrapped with rich spices.

This essence of modern masculinity and sensual comfort is completed with a rare blend of Woods and Vanilla.ZIRH DEODORANTWhy smell like deodorant when you can smell like ZIRH'S fresh fragrance and still get great protection? A clean, cool and spicy scent with notes of lime, mandarin, Siamese ginger, nutmeg and oak moss. Alcohol-free. Goes on sheer and is long-lasting.ZIRH BODY BAR FRAGRANCEDThe best of both worlds: an Alpha Hydroxy BODY BAR with ZIRH'S fresh, masculine fragrance — clean, cool and spicy, with notes of lime, mandarin, Siamese ginger, nutmeg and oak moss.ZIRH Alpha Hydroxy BODY BARTriple Alpha Hydroxy Acid BODY BAR not only washes away dirt and oil, but exfoliates your skin to help prevent body acne on the back, upper arms etc. Large, long-lasting bar that will not soften up in the shower.ZIRH SHOWER GELSHOWER GEL gently cleanses your skin while leaving the body lightly scented with the ZIRH Signature Fragrance.ZIRH CONTROL HAIR WAXA petroleum-free and alcohol-free styling hair wax.


CONTROL brings dull hairstyles to life while keeping hair soft and manageable at the same time. Allows for great hair styling without the greasy residue of wax.ZIRH HOLD HAIR GELWhy just style your hair when you can improve it at the same time? Nettle is rich in minerals and plant hormones -- these help to stimulate hair growth, while sesame and jojoba seed oils lock in moisture and shine. No overpowering scent. Never sticky. Alcohol free.ZIRH FORTIFY CONDITIONING SHAMPOOZirh's two-in-one shampoo makes hair care efficient yet effective. FORTIFY is formulated with gentle, non-stripping cleansers derived from coconut, corn and a special blend of wheat proteins.

Includes Biotin to add volume to thinning hair. Light conditioning agents bring vitality and shine.ZIRH ALPHA HYDROXY CONDITIONERDesigned to help repair hair cuticles and prevent breakage. Nourishes each hair shaft for good volume and more strength. Brittle, limp hair is back in shape with more volume and thickness. Effective but never heavy — rinses clean. In a convenient pump.ZIRH ALPHA HYDROXY SHAMPOOThick, full hair starts with a clean scalp. Although it's rare to find alpha hydroxys in a shampoo, they are extremely effective cleansers for all hair types. The extraction they produce stimulates new follicle growth. Rich lather leaves a mild, fresh citrus scent. In a convenient pump.ZIRH ERASE FOR INGROWN HAIRSAn after-shave tonic is designed to zero-in on shaving problems. Made with ingredients that relieve redness, clear away razor burn and ingrown hairs. ERASE also provides needed moisture and enhances collagen synthesis.ZIRH FRAGRANCE SOOTHE POST-SHAVE TREATMENTZIRH'S post-shave treatment calms your skin after shaving, and also makes an effective light moisturizer. A very low alcohol formula.

This version of SOOTHE contains a subtle hint of the signature ZIRH fragrance. Contains no benzocaine.ZIRH SOOTHE POST-SHAVE TREATMENTZIRH'S post-shave treatment calms skin just after shaving, reducing or eliminating razor burn. and also makes an effective light moisturizer. A unique blend of rare botanicals makes SOOTHE far more effective than most others. A very low alcohol formula. Contains no benzocaine.ZIRH VITAMIN-ENRICHED SHAVE FOAMSHAVE FOAM is rich, creamy and luxurious - yet still incredibly light. It provides you a creamy foam-style shave, while key moisturizing ingredients leave skin soft, smooth and hydrated.ZIRH SHAVE GELZIRH'S clear, non-foaming Aloe Vera based shave gel makes it easy to maintain sideburns and other facial hair, and avoid any irritated area. Provides unrivaled shaving precision. Uses a unique combination of natural ingredients to smooth and calm the skin. Contains no benzocaine. Extremely concentrated formula - one jar should last 3 - 4 months.ZIRH SHAVE CREAMZIRH SHAVE CREAM is specially engineered to smooth and calm skin with a unique combination of natural ingredients which work together to prevent razor drag and reduce razor burn and nicks. Specifically engineered to soften tough, coarse facial hair. Contains no benzocaine. Extremely concentrated formula - one jar lasts 3 - 4 months.ZIRH PREPARE BOTANICAL SHAVE OILPREPARE is designed to soften facial hair and reduce friction while shaving. This helps prevent razor burn and provides the closest shave possible. This dual-purpose product can also be used as a stand-alone shave oil. No irritating scent.ZIRH CORRECT VITAMIN SERUMCORRECT replenishes your skin with vital nutrients so that it looks its best now and in the future. Includes Pycnogenol®, ZIRH'S powerful anti-oxidant extracted from French maritime pine trees. CORRECT: a new way to take your vitamins.

Key ingredients: Beta Carotene, Gingko, Hazelnut Extract, Macadamia Nut Oil, Pycnogenol®, Spearmint Extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin EZIRH SCRUB ALOE EXFOLIATORSCRUB reduces the appearance of blemishes and blackheads by eliminating surface toxins and neutralizing excess surface oil. Also works to remove dead skin cells from your face. Leaves your face refreshed, refined and super-clean. A wake-up call for your skin.ZIRH WASH MILD FACE WASHA mild face cleanser that cleans skin while maintaining its natural balance. WASH removes dirt and oil without causing dryness or irritation. The non abrasive, fragrance-free cleansing gel is perfect for normal to dry and sensitive skin types, or anyone who has found CLEAN to be tough on their skin.

Key ingredients: Chamomile Extract, Lavender, SageZIRH CLEAN FACE WASHWith alpha hydroxy acids, CLEAN works to remove dirt and oil, but will not over-dry skin. Also works to lift off surface dead skin cells, uncovering new, smoother looking skin. Fresh, light lemon scent.

Key ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Linalool, Malic Acid, Peppermint Extract, Salicylic Acid

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