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Saturday, April 17, 2010

BBC News | Health | World Edition

Vaccine hope over lung infectionA common virus that causes wheezing and pneumonia claims the lives of up to 200,000 children a year, a study finds.Doctors urge UK 'trans-fat ban'Two leading public health doctors have backed calls to ban trans-fats from all foods in the UK.Training cuts 'anti-obese' viewsStudents training to enter the health service need better teaching in order to prevent discrimination against obese patients, a study suggests.Toxic dust families agree pay-outFamilies with children who suffered birth defects from toxic dust at a former steelworks reach an out-of-court deal.Video games 'hardly affect sleep'Playing a video game appears to have only a mild effect on how long it takes a teenager to fall asleep, a study suggests.Campaigner wins tainted blood caseA composer who contracted HIV and hepatitis C through an NHS blood transfusion has won a High Court challenge over compensation levels.Gene swap plan to beat diseaseUK scientists create embryos with DNA from a man and two women in controversial work aimed at preventing inherited diseases.Parasite 'a growing stroke risk'A tropical parasitic disease is becoming an increasingly common cause of stroke, according to Spanish research.Fatherly chats 'can stop smoking'Children who discuss issues that are important to them with their fathers are less likely to smoke, a Cardiff University study finds.Brain 'splits to multi-task'An inability to deal with more than two things at a time may be "hard-wired" into our brain, research suggests.
Aspirin 'reduces migraine pain'An aspirin can reduce migraine headache pain within two hours for more than half of people who take it, says a study.Smoking 'cancels alcohol gains'Sensible drinking can substantially reduce the risk of a stroke, but only in non smokers, research suggests.Diets may determine dementia riskSticking to a diet rich in nuts, fish and vegetables could help ward off dementia, latest research suggests.High glucose carbs 'a heart risk'Women who eat carbohydrate-rich diets may be at greater risk of heart disease, say researchers.Belgian student limit scrutinisedThe EU's top court asks Belgium to justify a decree limiting the numbers of foreign students who can attend medical courses.Maternal deaths 'fall worldwide'Maternal deaths have fallen worldwide, according to new data, but the UK remains unchanged.Web child health advice 'wrong'Typing your child's medical problem into Google is unlikely to deliver good advice, say UK researchers.Fun run or competition? Why men and women enter marathonsMen and women seem to go through the pain and pleasure of marathon-running for very different reasons, a study suggests.Ash adviceThe symptoms which mean you should go indoors'Poison town' How toxic waste left one boy with a series of tumoursFellow creaturesEU drafts new rules to control tests on animals.Pudding pleaseAre we giving toddlers too much fruit and veg?Facing the futurePakistan acid attack victims rebuild shattered livesFrom BBC HealthThe most common cause of blindness in the UKCancer: The factsInformation and statistics on common types of cancerHeart disease and strokePregnancy timeline From fertilisation to birth, an outline guide to a typical pregnancy and how the baby develops inside the womb.

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