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Friday, April 9, 2010

Finding Employment - Job Solutions

Employment Jobs - NEWS for April 2010

UPS Hiring

UPS said it will need to hire 25,000 U.S. workers over the next few years to replace aging baby boomers that are nearing retirement.

According to UPS, drivers for the company earn approximately $70,000 a year. Candidates would have to undergo virtual training and then pass a training test to be become eligible for employment.  The company also said it plans to use video games and other high-tech training techniques to recruit younger workers and increase productivity.

ECONOMY Recovering? Maybe

The economy recovers and demand returns, we are seeing across-the-board increases in sales, resulting in increased capital expenditures, less job reduction and some employment stabilization," said Ivan G. Seidenberg, chairman of the group and CEO of Verizon Communications Inc., told the Associated Press.


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