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Friday, April 16, 2010

Hosting Directory #1

Free Hostgator hosting! - Cpalead members

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I want to change my computer into dedicated server?I want to change my computer into dedicated server.
i want for my personal use not for public , need only for sending newsletters, that’s possible ?
If yes, please tell me.
How much does hosting a World of Warcraft private server affect system performance?I’m guessing it would slow the computer down considerably, depending popularity of the server, but I’m not sure. Can anyone who has hosted or is hosting a World of Warcraft private server tell me how much of a performance hit you have to take?
HTTP 500 Error after installing Wordpress on my CPanel?I installed wordpress on my domain and after the installation I cannot access to many websites on internet. I cleaned explorer caches and tried anything but no response! My wordpress site works fine but I cannot access to some important websites such as imageshack. I’ll be glad if someone helps me with this.
PS3 - PSN DNS Error and possible NAT Type 2 Fix

A Few weeks ago I started having issues when logging in to the PSN, It was like If I didn’t have any connection, all I was getting was “DNS Error 8071010″ or something like that, I had the same issue when logging in to Warhawk and MGO, everything seemed ok with my ISP and internet [...]What’s the best free web hosting with templates ready for use?I don’t know how to design Websites using a certain program and so I wonder if you know any free web hosting which also offers templates you can easily work with. Thanks!
ANYONE WITH A WEBSITE: how do you own your own web space?i want to own my own web space -how do i do that? -instead of paying a company to own web space
If I want to make an ecommerce website, should I host it on my computer or pay a company to host it for me?Is BelaHost a good hosting company?
What can I bring as a gift to my hosts?I will be in Bahrain this Christmas and I have this couple who will be my hosts during my stay.
They are Americans, I am thinking of what to buy for them.
Any suggestions please.
I am in Saudi Arabia.
What is the difference between shared and dedicated hosting and which is best?

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