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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sci - Tech

Differences among people grow with ageThe older we get, the more different we become, says a new research that studied people from their 70th to 90th year of life.Nuclear fusion power could solve world's energy crisisImagine if you could generate power using nuclear power minus 
radioactivity - it would be the answer to the dream of finding a clean,
sustainable energy source.
Data could help unlock mystery of undersea supervolcanoesScientists drilling into a large volcanic mountain chain lying
underwater off the coast of Japan have collected new data that may
provide clues to unlocking the mystery of undersea supervolcanoes.World's tiniest force recordedUsing a bowl of trapped ions, scientists have measured the smallest forces ever recorded.
Energy saving light bulbs can cause interference with TV setsEnergy saving light bulbs can interfere with televisions, making them
randomly change channel and switch on and off, confessed a leading
Adobe launches Adobe creative Suite 5 master collectionAdobe Systems Incorporated on Monday announced the launch of Adobe
Creative Suite 5 Master Collection, a breakthrough release of the
industry-leading design and development software for virtually every
creative workflow.
Key protein behind DNA repair identifiedDNA damage over our lifetimes is the key reason behind the development
of cancer and other age-related diseases. But not everyone gets these
diseases, because the body has multiple mechanisms for repairing the
damage caused to DNA by aging, the environment and other human
behaviors. Now, scientists have found that a particular protein -
called Ku - is particularly adept at healing damaged strands of DNA.Kidney disease genes discoveredAn international team of experts has identified 20 genes that could help explain the causes of kidney disease.
 Oldest sanctuary in Arabia discovered The oldest sanctuary in Arabia, as well as the oldest known ceremonial
site dedicated to the dugong, a very particular marine mammal, have
been discovered by the French archaeological mission to the UAE and the
museum of the Umm Al Quwain Emirate.
Novel way to turn water into hydrogen fuel foundA team of MIT researchers has genetically modified a virus that can exploit sunlight to split water into oxygen and hydrogen.

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