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Monday, April 12, 2010

Health & Fitness

Midwives ask for recognition of work, incentivesA convention of around 1,500 'dais' (midwives) from 15 districts of Gujarat has sought recognition of their work with a small monetary incentive to further reduce maternal and child mortality in the state.Massage helps cope with stressStress can lead to many physical side-effects as well as an increase in unhealthy coping behaviours such as over-eating and inactivity -- and experts say a relaxing massage can help cope with it.Child health advice on Internet 'unreliable'Browsing the internet in the hope of finding a good advice for your
child's medical problem is a waste of time, say UK researchers who
claim that medical information on various sites is unreliable.Wider first aid knowledge could save thousands, says UK charityA British charity has said that a wider knowledge of first aid techniques could save thousands of lives each year. Slow return to normal food checks weightThe secret to keeping weight at bay is to switch back to normal food gradually, says a Swedish study.Scientists unravel link between stress, anxiety, depressionScientists have unravelled the link between stress, anxiety and depression.Women prone to HIV Infection unknowinglyHuman immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that destroys the immune
system. HIV targets CD4 cells, or helperT cells, which are cells in your
blood that help the body fight disease. Over many years, the CD4 cells
are destroyed. The body then has a weaker defense against infections
such as lung infections, mouth infections and eye infections. Some forms
of cancer, such as lymphoma or cervical cancer, may also occur. When
infections and other problems occur as a result of the loss of CD4
cells, the person is said to have "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome"
(AIDS).New one-off treatment may help cure rheumatoid arthritisBritish scientists claim to have developed one-off treatment which could potentially help cure rheumatoid arthritis.NRHM completes five years, rural health still in disarrayThe flagship National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) has completed five years of operation and has achieved several targets but its main objective to put the rural health system in place needs a lot more attention, according to health ministry data.New vaccine may help cure skin cancerA new vaccine may soon spell the end for the agony of skin cancer victims, say researchers.

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