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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adult ADHD

Attention Sappers: 5 Reasons You Can't ConcentrateCelebrities With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderAdult ADHD and Substance Use: Exploring the Link Between Drugs, Alcohol, and Risky BehaviorADHD and the Myth of Multitasking: How to Regain Your FocusQuiz: Could You Have Adult ADHD? About the ScoringTake the Quiz: Could You Have Adult ADHD?Adult ADHD: I Thought I'd Outgrown It, but the Symptoms Came BackMany people assume attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) plagues only children. But up to 10 million adults suffer from this real, treatable disorder, which often goes undiagnosed. Rich Jenkins, a 45-year-old sheet-metal worker living in Weimar, Calif., deals with the frustrations of ADHD every day.6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Adult ADHD SymptomsFrequently Asked Questions About ADHD in Adolescents and AdultsTreatment Options for ADHD at Any Age

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