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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Welcome to OutpostGamez First Person Shooter News Headquarters News Feed

Battlefield2 Mod Update #8Well today we have another round of Battlefield Modding Updates and information. Check it out if you are interested in one of these mods or are wishing to play. These are mods for PC, BF2. SLI Support in Battlefield 1943?The guys on the EA UK Forums discovered, graphics card manufacturer, EVGA posted up a new SLI enhancement patch, which lists Battlefield 1943 as one of the supported games. In the past, DICE has worked with NVIDIA not only to support Battlefield games, but PhysX support in Mirror's Edge. PAX 2009: Bad Company 2 Tournament Video 1UP posted a short video from PAX showing their team during the Bad Company 2 tournament. Looking Back over the last weekGreetings all, well we are going to look back at some of the news of the last week, or ten days that is of what you might have missed. Would you like to volunteer on Outpostgamez?Crysis Mod Update 09/11/09Well, we have once again another update on the Crysis Mod Arena, from that of fully modifications of the original, to vehicle addons, to that of minor addons. So, check it out, their is allot really good mods.STO: The Path to 2409: 2392News of the race for Federation President dominates news nets for much of the year. President Nan Bacco declines to run again, stating that while she didn't feel right leaving office during the Romulan crisis, "I've been here too long. We need new blood and new ideas."Path to 2409 - 2391 Supplemental LogExcerpt from a classified report from Lieutenant Mark Fischer, Federation Operative placed with the troops of the exiled Romulan Commander Sela.STO: Massively and IGN Reviews at PAXThe folks at Massively and IGN made it out to PAX and wrote up their impressions on STO. Check them out here:Diablo III (Hands On)Blizzard says it's focusing on character class reveals for Diablo III - like the recent unveiling of the Monk at BlizzCon - because "seeing a guy running around exploding people" offers the most bang per buck, and conveniently avoids story spoilers to boot.Section 8 Review (Released)TimeGate Studios has a habit of doing things differently. The developer's real-time strategy series, Kohan, was greeted with a mixture of glee and puzzlement by the gaming community:

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