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Monday, September 14, 2009

SearchNetworking: Network security news, advice and technical information

Which are the most valuable networking certifications?Learn which courses and certifications in IT and networking are the most valuable and applicable according to your future goals within your company and personally, from our expert Tessa Parmenter.

Is there a way to trace my stolen laptop computer?Learn some useful preliminary techniques on how to safeguard your computer should it get stolen and make it recoverable using certain trace software, from our expert Michael Gregg.

Will using a VPN protect me against fake wireless hotspots?Learn how to avoid data theft from phishing or connecting to a fake hotspot, by using a VPN, and various other secure browsing techniques, from our expert Lisa Phifer.

Server virtualization standards may fix network management, securityThe network security and network management challenges that arise with server virtualization would be more manageable with some industry standardization. Until vendors are willing to settle on some virtualization standard, network professionals will have to meet these challenges themselves within the dynamic data center.

Is there VLAN software recommend for Realtek NICs?Find out which VLAN (virtual local area network) software recommendations and device drivers are the best solutions for your Realtek NIC, from our expert, Lindi Horton.

Health center cut cost securing wireless network edge with AerohiveIn this case study, El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) discovered it could cut costs when securing its 802.11n wireless network at the edge by choosing to use Aerohive's access points (APs), which have built-in firewalls.

What network equipment is needed to secure a small business LAN?Learn how to effectively manage and secure a relatively small LAN that connects to the internet without compromising security.

How to lock wireless routersLearn how to limit connections to your WLAN and control access to your router, in this advice from our enterprise security expert, Michael Gregg.

U.S., Korea Internet attacks indicate rise of sophisticated criminalsThe Internet-based attacks on U.S. and Korean government and financial websites this month revealed that criminals are finding new ways to pose network security threats by using old malware and attack methods. Experts say criminals are using sophisticated business processes to steal data and wreak havoc.

Network access control market crushed by economy, but future is brightThe network access control market has suffered a bloodbath through the global recession, but analysts predict the market will bounce back as enterprises turn to NAC for capabilities like guest networking.

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