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Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Review Feed - Computing Top Stories

A Faster Way to the CloudAmazon's new protocol should make accessing the cloud faster and more reliable.

Capsules for Self-Healing CircuitsNanotube-filled capsules could restore conductivity to damaged electronics.

A Turing Test for Computer Game BotsA new contest could help develop better AI for games and other applications.

Nano Printing Goes LargeA rolling nanoimprint lithography stamp could be used to print components for displays and solar cells.

A Simulator for Brain SurgeonsA virtual-reality simulator promises safer operations and better training.

A New Language for Phone NetworksResearchers develop a better way to write applications for peer-to peer cellular networks.

Advertisement:Quantum Cryptography for the MassesA new partnership will make quantum cryptography more widely available.

Faster Printable CircuitsA new polymer simplifies organic circuits.

Antivirus Protection Gets SocialCan cloud computing and social networking improve security software?

Cheaper LEDsFlexible arrays of bright inorganic LEDs could mean cheaper displays and lighting.

Building a Better Mouse

Advertisement:Wi-Fi via White SpacesA network design that uses old TV spectrum could produce better long-range wireless connectivity.

Watching the Road

From Battle Stations to Fire Stations

One Small Step for Science?The celebration of the Apollo 11 anniversary renews the debate over the scientific value of manned space exploration.

Surface RestorationEngineers restore high-resolution photos of the moon.

Meters for the Smart GridResearchers say new energy infrastructure isn't nearly secure enough.

From the Labs: MaterialsNew publications, experiments and breakthroughs in materials--and what they mean.

From the Labs: Information Technology New publications, experiments and breakthroughs in information technology--and what they mean.

A Touch of Ingenuity An inexpensive pressure-sensitive pad could make surfaces smarter.

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