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Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Review Feed - Business Top Stories

More Efficient, and Cheaper, Solar CellsNew manufacturing techniques could cut solar power costs by 20 percent.

NASA's Plans Lack the Cash Can the commercial sector rescue the U.S. human spaceflight program?

Gasoline from VinegarA process that converts acids from garbage into fuel gets a boost.

An Advert for In-Game ViolenceResearch finds ads embedded in violent games to be more memorable.

Decoding the Profit GeneIs the last pure genomics company from the 1990s about to go bust?

A Consumer RevolutionOur collective demand for environmental responsibility has stimulated the market.

Energy-Aware Internet RoutingSoftware that tracks electricity prices could slash energy costs for big online businesses.

Lithium Battery Recycling Gets a BoostThe DOE funds a company that recycles plug-in vehicle batteries.

Advertisement:An Operating System for the CloudGoogle is developing a new computing platform equal to the Internet era. Should Microsoft be worried?

DOE Energy Hubs on the BrinkResearch centers conceived to speed energy-related research are facing a tough battle in Congress.

Bringing Graphene to MarketA startup's conductive graphene inks can be used to print RFID antennas

Q&A: Aneesh Chopra, National CTOThe presidential adviser explains how information technology can reboot America.

Rogue Pharmacies Dominate Bing's AdsIllegitimate pharmacies account for 90 percent of drug ads on Microsoft's Bing, according to a new report.

A New Approach to FusionA startup snags funding to start early work on a low-budget test reactor.

Cheaper Solar Thermal PowerA simpler design could reduce the cost of solar power generated by concentrating sunlight on Stirling engines.

A Biofuel Process to Replace All Fossil FuelsA startup unveils a high-yield process for making fuel from carbon dioxide and sunlight.

The Business of Personal GenomesJorge Conde speaks on the complexities of personal genomics.

Advertisement:Q&A: Mark Little, Head of GE Global ResearchGE is pushing the smart grid and thin-film solar, but don't expect new kinds of nuclear reactors.

Delivering Security on DemandCompanies are increasingly offering security products as services, but is it the best approach?

Provoking Our Inner Stem CellsA startup aims to spur the body's native stem cells to heal disease.

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