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Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Review Feed - Web Top Stories

Privacy Plug-In Fakes out FacebookFaceCloak lets users hide sensitive updates from prying eyes, including Facebook's.

Adding Trust to Wikipedia, and BeyondTracing information back to its source could help prove trustworthiness.

The Evolution of RetweetingFormalizing the retweet may change people's behavior.

Antivirus Protection Gets SocialCan cloud computing and social networking improve security software?

Advertisement:From the Labs: Information Technology New publications, experiments and breakthroughs in information technology--and what they mean.

OurTube"Open video" could beget the next great wave in Web innovation--if it gets off the ground.

On OpennessWhat freedom attracts.

Microsoft Team Traces Malicious Users Three researchers find a way to trace compromised machines used to attack other computers.

Finding the Right Piece of SkyResearchers design a search system that recognizes the features of pictures of the sky.

An Operating System for the CloudGoogle is developing a new computing platform equal to the Internet era. Should Microsoft be worried?

A Browser's View of Your ComputerResearchers reveal how attackers may be able to peer into users' computers over the Web.

Rogue Pharmacies Dominate Bing's AdsIllegitimate pharmacies account for 90 percent of drug ads on Microsoft's Bing, according to a new report.

Advertisement:Warning Issued on Web Programming Interfaces Tools that connect websites can also open up new security vulnerabilities, experts say.

Hackers Game a Multiplayer WorldTwo programmers reveal covert ways to automate characters in an immensely popular game.

A Better Way to Rank Expertise OnlineNew software distinguishes between experts and spammers, showing who can be trusted.

Crowdsourcing Closer Government Scrutiny Web volunteers are helping to make the U.S. government more accountable.

Search Spammers Hacking More WebsitesThe head of Google's Web-spam-fighting team warns that spammers are increasingly attacking websites.

Adding Meaning to Millions of NumbersSemantic technology could keep numbers tied to the information that explains what they mean.

A Contest to Train Cyber CombatantsCyber-defense and capture-the-flag contests will help train future defenders of cyberspace.

Cuil Tries to Rise AgainLast year's "Google-killer" plans a comeback with social search.

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