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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Finding Your Life Purpose with Intuitive Astrology

Personalized astrology readings are a great starting point to help you start thinking about career choices … yes, even if you are past thirty and have a well-established career! It is never too late to change, and it is never to late to gain immense happiness through that. However, your personal astrology reading doesn't give career recommendations, as such. They tell you how you interact with the world -- but your career choice is up to you! Here we look at some steps to take to use your personal astrology chart to identify your ideal career.
  • Look at the Sun section of your personal astrology reading to get the best idea of what careers will suit you. The Sun shows you your potential, and when you master the issues that it points to, you can find unheard of balance and satisfaction. The Sun represents your major goals, so use the interpretation here as the biggest clues to your ideal career path.
  • The Venus section of your chart will also be important -- it shows how you relate to others. There will usually be plenty of relating to do at work, no matter what your profession! Venus is also related to money.
  • Jupiter's relationship to high ideals, pushing yourself beyond your ordinary limits and abstract thinking can reveal clues about your ideal career in your astrological reading.
  • The positioning of Saturn in your astrology reading shows us how our ideas actually transform into something material. It relates to duty, trials and tests -- pay attention to this section to find a career that will challenge, but not overwhelm you.
However, you'll obviously have to do a lot of extrapolating to relate these qualities to a specific job or career. Here are some tips for building on that astrology chart to identify your strengths and goals:
  • Go back to your childhood! What did you want to do or be? It will usually be something where you are an expert, and use extraordinary skills. If they relate to how you have actually grown up, then don’t ignore those long-ago fantasies … see if you can make them reality.
  • Don’t fear your own strength, and recognize your own weaknesses. You will often be asked in interviews what your weakness is at work. It is actually useful to know these things and be honest about them. Jobs and careers that constantly test your weak points while leaving your strengths languishing will leave you frustrated.

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