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Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Review Feed - Biomedicine Top Stories

Light Switch for Bladder ControlA startup is developing molecular "light switches" for clinical use.

Complete Genomics Sequences 14 GenomesThe company sequenced the genomes in the last six months and plans 10,000 more next year.

Flu Data Goes MobileAn iPhone app lets users help track infectious diseases.

Clues to Blast-Related Brain InjuryNew research shows that explosions trigger unique damage to brain tissue.

New DNA Markers for Alzheimer'sThe genetic risk factors could help scientists predict and better understand the disease.

The Singularity and the Fixed PointThe importance of engineering motivation into intelligence.

Advertisement:A Simulator for Brain SurgeonsA virtual-reality simulator promises safer operations and better training.

Modeling Diabetes with Stem CellsReprogrammed adult cells could be used to reconstruct diabetes in the laboratory.

A More Sensitive Cancer BreathalyzerA new kind of sensor could one day be used to detect lung cancer.

A Beacon to Guide Cancer SurgeryA modified virus makes cancer cells fluoresce to better identify tumors.

Changing A Cell's Biological Battery A new method tested in monkeys for replacing mitochondrial DNA could one day prevent devastating diseases.

Creating a Heart Patch A new approach builds heart tissue inside the abdomen, yielding better blood flow.

Biotech Bacteria Could Help DiabeticsGenetically engineered gut bacteria trigger insulin production in mice.

A Step Forward for Microbial MachinesA novel approach to genetic engineering could aid in the creation of fuel-producing bacteria--and edge closer to artificial life.

Reprogrammed Human Cells Shed Light on Rare DiseaseA new study uses induced pluripotent stem cells to investigate a neurological disease and test drugs.

Advertisement:Fighting Stomach Flu with TobaccoScientists look to tobacco plants for a norovirus vaccine.

Decoding the Profit GeneIs the last pure genomics company from the 1990s about to go bust?

Bone-setting Glue A new adhesive, inspired by aquatic worms, could help repair shattered bone.

Sleep Analysis at Home

From the Labs: BiomedicineNew publications, experiments and breakthroughs in biomedicine--and what they mean.

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