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Monday, September 14, 2009 New pet pictures

Pixie in The Shade
Pixie in The Shade - Funny Pet Pictures

Pixie in the shade enjoying her favorite grapevine.
Mishka - Funny Pet Pictures

Her name is Mishka, she is very smart, cute and playful. On this picture we are in a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. This was our first vacation together. We enjoy our trip, and we could the link for more
Sleepy Stella
Sleepy Stella - Funny Pet Pictures

You'd never know Stella was sleepy unless of course... you knew that this was mid-yawn!
Jake Posing
Jake Posing - Funny Pet Pictures

This is Jake posing for the camera on some nice grass!
Bonnie Meets Ziggy
Bonnie Meets Ziggy - Funny Pet Pictures

My new kitten Bonnie meets my Havanese Ziggy.
Gadget With Goggles
Gadget With Goggles - Funny Pet Pictures

This is my little boy Gadget. He just loves to swim and dive for his toys so I thought I would put goggles on him. I can't believe he let me put them on and kept them on.
Mum is Very Tired
Mum is Very Tired - Funny Pet Pictures

Puff Loves Her Food
Puff Loves Her Food - Funny Pet Pictures

This is Puff. As you can tell she loves her food. She is 12 years old.
Cat Sleeping in Bean Pot
Cat Sleeping in Bean Pot - Funny Pet Pictures

My Cat sleeps in Bean Pot she is too big but curls up inside Bean Pot.
Zina on The Beach
Zina on The Beach - Funny Pet Pictures

Zina on the beach! She just loves lying on the ground or grass, but she doesn't go into sea...yet... We'll see, she's young, just 2 years old.

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