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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Risk and Estrogen AlternativesEstrogen and Your Breast Cancer RiskProducts That May Reduce Your Risk of Breast CancerBreast Cancer During Pregnancy: What You Need to KnowHow Blogging Is Good for Your BreastsCosmetics and Breast Cancer: Should Teens Ditch the Makeup?Prophylactic Mastectomy: How I Weighed My Cancer Risk and Had My Breasts Removed at Age 33Donna Estreicher was 32 years old when her family members tested positive for the breast cancer (BRCA) gene. The disease itself had already hit her mother and sister. Still, as a young single woman with an active dating life, she resisted getting the test or thinking about the prospect of the double mastectomy that might follow. Then she decided it was time to take the leap.Good News: My Migraines May Be Good for My BreastsStress-Reduction Therapy May Hike Breast Cancer Survival RatesBreast Cancer Screening Advice from Julia A. Smith, MD

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