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Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Review Feed - Communications Top Stories

Flu Data Goes MobileAn iPhone app lets users help track infectious diseases.

Catching Fake Meds in a SnapshotTwo-dimensional bar codes could reduce drug counterfeiting in the developing world.

Adding Trust to Wikipedia, and BeyondTracing information back to its source could help prove trustworthiness.

Advertisement:A New Language for Phone NetworksResearchers develop a better way to write applications for peer-to peer cellular networks.

Quantum Cryptography for the MassesA new partnership will make quantum cryptography more widely available.

New Type of Disappearing InkNanoparticle inks that fade away in hours could be ideal for secure communications.

The Evolution of RetweetingFormalizing the retweet may change people's behavior.

Wi-Fi via White SpacesA network design that uses old TV spectrum could produce better long-range wireless connectivity.

Watching the Road

One Small Step for Science?The celebration of the Apollo 11 anniversary renews the debate over the scientific value of manned space exploration.

OurTube"Open video" could beget the next great wave in Web innovation--if it gets off the ground.

Advertisement:On OpennessWhat freedom attracts.

Making Android More SecureThe open platform calls for a different approach to security.

Supercomputer Visuals Without Graphics ChipsComputer scientists are visualizing the world's most gigantic datasets without graphics clusters.

Q&A: Aneesh Chopra, National CTOThe presidential adviser explains how information technology can reboot America.

A Better Way to Rank Expertise OnlineNew software distinguishes between experts and spammers, showing who can be trusted.

Crowdsourcing Closer Government Scrutiny Web volunteers are helping to make the U.S. government more accountable.

A Better Way to Shoot Down SpamJunk mail can now be identified based on a single packet of data.

How to Land Safely Back on the MoonA hazard-detection system promises safe landings for next-generation lunar explorers.

A Reporter's Moon TripThe rewards of reporting an epic journey of man are more than the excitement of the moment. The audience shares new perspectives on another world.


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