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Monday, September 14, 2009

English Premier League

Mr. Capello, Take One Million Now...and One When You Complete The Job - FA

Fabio Capello, the England football team's coach, was a happy man when FA announced he will be pocketing £1m after making sure the England team makes it to the trip to South Africa. And according to the terms of his contract, he will receive another £1m if England end up winning the football world cup in 2010.

Capello is already among the highest paid football coaches in the world with a salary of £4.8m a year. However, with England's history of World Cup campaigns, no one can say whether it's a sound investment or not.

IF England win the football World Cup, ...and i say IF, then a huge bonus pool will also be shared among the players. David Beckham, John Terry, and other senior players plan to hold talks with the FA in the coming weeks, with their demand likely to be about £300,000 per man! Well, whether they do something worthwhile at the World Cup or not, they certainly are ensuring that they don't lose out on the revenue generating opportunities that the World Cup will bring with it...

The staggering amount of money handed out to the football players will mean FA could well spend about £10m on bonuses alone. However this amount seems small change when one considers the amount of revenue FA will generate through commercials and broadcasting. ITV and Setanta have agreed to pay £275m and £150m respectively for four year contracts to broadcast England and FA Cup matches.

And if you thought this is too much money, remember that these deals were made when Steve McLaren was coaching a struggling England team, so the FA hopes future deals will be much more lucrative!

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