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Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Review Feed - Materials Top Stories

Capsules for Self-Healing CircuitsNanotube-filled capsules could restore conductivity to damaged electronics.

Recyclable Hydrogen Fuel TanksA new process makes regenerating hydrogen fuel more efficient.

A Liquid Design for Cheaper Fuel CellsA platinum-free liquid cathode could cut fuel-cell costs by 40 percent.

Nano Printing Goes LargeA rolling nanoimprint lithography stamp could be used to print components for displays and solar cells.

New Type of Disappearing InkNanoparticle inks that fade away in hours could be ideal for secure communications.

Faster Printable CircuitsA new polymer simplifies organic circuits.

Cheaper LEDsFlexible arrays of bright inorganic LEDs could mean cheaper displays and lighting.

Advertisement:Bone-setting Glue A new adhesive, inspired by aquatic worms, could help repair shattered bone.

From the Labs: MaterialsNew publications, experiments and breakthroughs in materials--and what they mean.

The Smallest Laser Ever MadeSurface-plasmon lasers could enable a new generation of computers based on nanophotonics.

Nanowire Advance for Lithium BatteriesElectrodes made of carbon-silicon nanowires could boost the life and performance of lithium-ion batteries.

A Cool Micro Fuel CellA high-power cell uses materials already on the market and operates at lower temperatures.

Nanowires That Behave Like CellsTransistors with lipid membranes could make better interfaces for neural prosthetics.

A Metal Coating That Repairs ItselfElectroplated metal could be used to make self-healing construction materials, car parts, and machinery.

Bringing Graphene to MarketA startup's conductive graphene inks can be used to print RFID antennas

Rapid TB DetectorAn ultrasensitive test can spot bacteria in a half hour.

Advertisement:Nanotube-Powered X-RaysTiny electron emitters inside an x-ray generator could improve medical imaging and cancer therapy.

Smoothing the Way for LightA technique makes smooth metal films for optical computing and imaging.

A Superlens That Assembles ItselfEasily made nanolenses can perform superhigh-resolution lithography and imaging.

Making Light Bulbs from DNADye-doped DNA nanofibers can be tuned to emit different colors of light.

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