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Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Review Feed - Energy Top Stories

China's Potent Wind PotentialForecasters see no need for new coal and nuclear power plants.

More Efficient, and Cheaper, Solar CellsNew manufacturing techniques could cut solar power costs by 20 percent.

Advertisement:Gasoline from VinegarA process that converts acids from garbage into fuel gets a boost.

Recyclable Hydrogen Fuel TanksA new process makes regenerating hydrogen fuel more efficient.

Mixing Solar with Coal to Cut CostsA new strategy could reduce coal plant emissions and cut the cost of solar power.

A Liquid Design for Cheaper Fuel CellsA platinum-free liquid cathode could cut fuel-cell costs by 40 percent.

Forget Curbing Suburban SprawlBuilding denser cities would do little to reduce CO2 emissions, a new NAS report concludes.

Better Gas-to-Methanol Catalyst An improved catalyst could reduce the cost of making methanol from methane.

Ultracaps Could Boost Hybrid EfficiencyRecent studies point to the potential of ultracapacitors to augment conventional batteries.

Companies to Watch: Public Companies

Shade Power

Advertisement:Hydrogen Fuel CellsDespite doubts about its feasability, hydrogen is finding its way into niche applications.

A Consumer RevolutionOur collective demand for environmental responsibility has stimulated the market.

Cleaning CoalConverting coal to natural gas is our best strategy for limiting carbon dioxide emissions today.

Meters for the Smart GridResearchers say new energy infrastructure isn't nearly secure enough.

The Electric Acid TestOn the Isle of Man, the beginnings of a marketable electric motorcycle.


Giving Up on Grids

Venture Capitalists Struggle with Renewables

Research to Watch


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