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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Post Rss Feeds to Your Blog on

Are you tired of searching of searching for content that you can post on your blog, Are you blogging just for money, and want to keep posting new content on your blog without much effort. Then this blog post will solve your problem.
There are some websites that allow publishers to submit their Rss Feeds and then publish these rss feeds. These Rss feeds are the actual content that you can post on your blog easily from the same sites. Following is one examle how you can post rss feeds to your blog.

I am using here to post Rss Feeds to blog on
  • Go to
  • There you will see option to submit Rss Feeds to This website. and recent rss feeds submitted. and multiple categories of rss feeds on left side.
  • Click on any category on left side of your interest and you will be presented a page with Rss feeds in that category for example you click on 'Arts' then rss feeds pertaining to arts category will be presented to you.
  • Just click on any Rss Feed link on the page and you will be redirected to page showing content of that website.
  • In the top right corner you will see a Blogger icon click on that icon.
  • Then you will see a page asking you to fill some information.
  • Fill that information and submit
  • One Important thing to verify is your blog name. which must be same exactly as on your blog name on dashboard. Blog name is case sensitive .
  • Now after submitting if all is well you will see a 'Posted successfully' message.
  • Now check your blog, the post is there.

See how simple it is to post content to your blog. you can post as many post as you wish. For a few clicks away.

Happy Blogging..............

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