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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

W3Poker Exclusive Free Online Poker Strategy Blog

Poker Tips Understanding Good Hands From Bad Hands

Though poker is predominantly a game of chance, there is quite a bit of skill that is associated with your becoming a good player. Knowing what action to take and precisely when to take it can be crucial to your winning or losing the game.
Also being able to recognize the habits and [...]Strategizing in Online Poker Games

Confidence in yourself brings you just about everything you want.

You can either see yourself as a winner or as a loser in the grand scheme of things. You have to really believe in yourself and not just rely on luck to get what you want. This conviction is especially important when dealing with those that [...]CopagCards

Ok i admit it this is far from online poker related W3 Launches Exclusive Web Directory

Just a quick update, many of you may have noticed our web directory beta testing on W3Poker for an exclusive poker directory. We have decided to keep it as a seperate asset & it will be located at its own domain No work has been undertaken on it as of yet put this [...]Bwin Poker

Bwin Poker is not as popular or well known as some of the bigger poker sites, however it does have quite a bit of authority in the online poker world. Established in 1999, Bwin is on the Ongame network and unfortunately, does not support U.S players though they do haev a large and growing number [...]Returned from holiday

You may have noticed W3Poker has been inactive for the past week, firstly sorry for not giving you guys a heads up but we went on a last minute holiday for the family so it was all go heading up to the holiday. Well anyways were back so give us a few days to recuperate [...]Preperation, what to expect with online poker tournaments

Online poker has recently been gathering a lot of interest lately. When you come and visit the online world you will be able to notice that there are more and more sites offering online poker tournaments that anyone can join into anytime. If you want to get better at playing this card game, practicing online [...]$500 Anniversary Freerolls

15 years in business, $50 Billion in Winning Wagers paid out; online sportsbook Bodog ( celebrates its 15th anniversary with a special bonus offer.

First Freeroll stars in 1 hours time 19:38 registration is open now so hurry.
Second Freeroll is scheduled for tonight, early morning at 00:40 & start time is 02:40
Third Freeroll; Fri 04th September [...]Online Poker for Enthusiasts

Judging by the popularity of card games in recent years, it’s safe to say that playing cards is the in thing. You want to play but most of your friends are busy with other activities, even though you bought a brand new deck. No problem! Online card games are the best way to meet new [...]Advertising With W3Poker

Countless requests for adverting on W3Poker have been recieved recently, So in light of this W3Poker has released discounts on certain parts of the website. Please note prices are shown in week & we charge in 4 week blocks.
So a 1 week standard adverting spot costs $2.00 (a week), We offer our adverting in [...]

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